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I want to hit somebody!

In the movie"Calendar Girl," Helen Mirren and her lady friends -a group of elderly women- perform a slow-motion exercise outside, in the middle of a field and of course, because it's Hollywood, the surroundings are drop-dead gorgeous.

Somehow, the picture of the ladies working out and having fun, came to my mind when I thought about a form of exercise I could master. "Slow-motion" that was the keyword, it seemed to be just what I was looking for.

I read up on Thai Chi and learned a lot about the benefits of martial art. If Millions of people around the world can do it, I can too, I thought and so it began.

The first 20-minute workout kicked my butt. I stood in my living room and argued with the teacher on TV when I tried to stretch and move my body, the same way the master on screen did. What looks so easy at first glance, requires a lot of precision and coordination -something I don't possess. I am clumsy by nature -I am a disaster waiting to happen.

After a few sessions I wanted more, I wanted to practice with a real teacher. I searched for Thai Chi classes in our area and found a few martial art studios, which offered beginner classes. I called my best friend and asked her if she wanted to join me. Of course, she did, and two other friends joined in.

Last night we had our first beginner class. I almost fainted when I found out that the class would last 1 1/2 hrs. I glanced at the empty chairs in the back of the room, and it gave me the confidence I needed. THE CRUTCH, my way out, was not too far away. We took two short breaks in between, drunk some water, sat down and relaxed for a couple of minutes.

The skinny Margarita we enjoyed afterward, was well deserved.

We all had fun, and today we are sore. Muscles which hadn't been used in years screamed at us today in the morning. Who would have thought this could happen if you move slow?

We booked the spring session and now twice a week, we will continue our Thai Chi adventure from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. I am very grateful I am not alone, it is more fun with a group of friends.

Thai Chi, the meditation in motion, is just what I had been looking for. Lately, I seem to be more flexible, my balance is better. The constant need to hold on to something is almost none existing.

I can't help but wonder if I could go further from here. I am not allowed to lift weights, but perhaps I could hit something when my hands are covered with gloves? Kickboxing or any other kind of self-defense came to my mind.

I always wanted to take a self-defense class, perhaps not such a bad idea now in my 50's. I want to hit somebody, just once! Being the old(er) lady who is able to kick you into the middle of next week when you try to harm me, I can't help but smirk just thinking about it.

I always believed women should know how to defend themselves and now my imagination is running wild, and I envision myself jumping around like Bruce Lee. (The diet fairy just rolled her eyes.)

13 months ago I was a couch potato, and now I seem to be fearless.

The candy weight is gone -81 lbs lost - Only 59lbs to go!

I am so sore! Even stepping on the scale hurt. 

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teepuppylove a écrit il y a 6 mois:
That is awesome! It is great you have some fierce ladies to join you in your Tai Chi. Personally, I love kickboxing...makes me feel like a total bada**. You should definitely give it a try!

There's nothing to lose, but some weight, right?

Rincewind_1965 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Thanks for "The smile of the day" ...
debk0718 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
You had my full attention with your tagline. LOL I think you should give kickboxing, or even "air" style boxing a try. I think it's great that you have a team of friends that are willing to go with you to the Tai Chi class. You're all doing great!!!
gailclark48 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Good read. You are lucky to live in a locale that offers so many choices to keep you active. And yes kickboxing, something I haven't done in decades is really good exercise as well as a means of defense. You go, girl
melissarose4 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
How fun! (I love that movie by the way :-))

Maybe you could try a self defense class? They are usually pretty low impact and always good to know some tricks just in case. I took one in college and really enjoyed the chance to practice the moves and "hits" on padded instructors.
vegan4lyfe2012 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Check with your local police or county sheriff and see if there are RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) classes. You'll learn good moves and get to practice, like Melissarose4 above wrote, on padded instructors. It's a great experience and a few days later I was playing around with my (adult) son and he grabbed my wrist. I used the move they taught and got right out of his grip. He was startled and I laughed! It actually worked!
MsMedifast a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Such a great feeling ~ sore muscles the day after.

You are doing great!
mlakhatch a écrit il y a 6 mois:
MAN - Kickboxing or self defense sounds like sooooo much fun!!! I would love to do one as well!!
HildieMe a écrit il y a 6 mois:
I love it that you take tai chi now! Actually, you don't need anything else. Take it from someone who started Karate at age 47, Black Belt two months before my 50th birthday, then later Black Belt in Taek Won Do. I won the last tournament I entered at 57.

Shortly after I started tai chi and hated it. That slow motion just got on my nerves! I kew how to punch and kick five different ways - and yes, I taught Rape Prevention Seminars. I also broke my elbow during training and pulled my hamstring - twice.

I only stuck with it because my hubby insisted, he was always in awe of Bruce Lee and everything Chinese.

After a few weeks of practice twice a week I noticed that my mood improved, the stress from teaching high school melted away, I felt better and more patient every day.

That was fifteen years ago. We both worked with several teachers over the years and became senior instructors in Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health system. At some point I taught six classes a week, plus two with our instructor to learn new forms and different styles.

So please believe me when I say: Take it easy! Not just slow, but stay within your limits, don't overdo it. You don't need the lowest stances, and it's not a competition... Most of the moves are slightly modified versions of self defense/attacks, but that's not the point.

The important thing to remember is that tai chi will move your chi (actually, it's ji) throughout your body, and soon enough you will feel it yourself. If you speed up or feel pain, it's not working.

The benefits are many, and beginners have a hard time believing it at first, and to concentrate on their own pace. Many came to our classes and quit after two or three weeks "because it's not doing anything for me"). You have to give it at least six months or longer to really feel the benefits.
dangernene a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Incredible work! I love how you tried this one thing and it's led on to you thinking of even bigger achievements! My boyfriend goes to kickboxing classes every week and he has got continuously stronger, leaner, and much much better with coordination (he's dyspraxic so it's something he's always struggled with). Keep up the great work!
CajunTess a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Pure awesomeness! I love martial arts too. It's so empowering!
ggeise14 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Way to go! Good for you!
Aplant77 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Love your spirit!
SassyCookieMe a écrit il y a 6 mois:
It sounds like you have really gotten hooked, I am so happy for you. In fact you've got me thinking about looking into a Thai Chi class as well.
smallsteps2success a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Fearless and inspirational you are! =)
SueSueDio a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Glad you enjoyed the Tai Chi! And yes, it definitely gets easier and you'll improve in balance as you practice - one day you'll find yourself confidently striking a pose on one leg and wondering how you got to that point. :)

Relax and enjoy it, and don't worry about how you compare to other students - just have fun!
musicsax a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Brilliant, well done, glad you enjoyed it. I do seated Tai Che once a fortnight with my elderly father and all the other residents of the Altzeimer unit where he lives, it helps them with their mobility of arms and they are all very calm at the end of the session.
You're continuing to do really well!
fruoshea a écrit il y a 6 mois:
At my gym we have something they call "Piloxing". It's like a mix between pilates and boxing, so you don't actually hit anyone but you box in the air so you learn the movements. If you could find something like that near you it would probably be a good way to get into boxing. I go boxing once a week at least and I love it. Got my own gloves for Christmas and all :)

There's also something called Bodycombat by Les Mills but that can include a lot of jumps and such, so Piloxing is a bit less strenuous for your knee joints etc and therefore could be better when you first start out.

Good luck! I've only just recently discovered your blog and I love reading it!
kjurassic a écrit il y a 6 mois:
What a great blog! Made me laugh. You gals could have your own movie!
lanarock a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Great job, body in motion stays in motion!
sdereski a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Just love your blog!
PAnn1 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
knox50us a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Good know, Tai Chi is harder than it looks.
Hoppymom a écrit il y a 6 mois:
I want to like this so many times! I am going to have to try that. I have Hypermobility Joint Syndrome and it seems like every time I start a work out I get injured. That ends my workouts for months. It sounds like Tai Chi might be something that I could do to build up my muscles to support my joints better so that when I try other things I won't get hurt so easily. Please keep us posted about your progress.
themedalist a écrit il y a 6 mois:
What an inspiring post! I think one of the most overlooked aspects of losing weight is the boost in self esteem. Weight loss is hard and succeeding at it makes us wonder what else we could do.

Feerlessness is a great quality (within reason of course). It catalyze a life full of experiences and adventure and moves us away from just sitting and watching. Nobody gets to the end of their life and wishes they’d watched more TV.
brightresolve a écrit il y a 6 mois:
This just makes me so happy. Thank you for sharing your journey!
themedalist a écrit il y a 6 mois:

It would be so great if we could edit blog and newsfeed posts, just as we can edit community forum posts.
tamaresque a écrit il y a 6 mois:
You could try Aikido. It's a self defence program which starts slow, it's very graceful, when I did an introductory course, I described it as 'dance movements with purpose'. Thanks for the inspiration. I'll try Tai Chi again.
I didn't go on with the Aikido, btw, as I developed arthritis in a hip and it made it worse. :-(
LisaPrust a écrit il y a 6 mois:
LOVE THIS! So very proud of you! Look how far you have come! I celebrate with you, my sistah! Keep going and keep sharing your journey with us--it is inspirational and we appreciate it! xoxo
Jettaska a écrit il y a 6 mois:
I am so happy you have found an exercise you enjoy. It can be life changing. Jetta
speaktothequeen1 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
You rock. Tai chi improves balance, prevents falls, lubricates the joints, reduces stress homones, increases good hormines, etc., etc.
mxchana a écrit il y a 5 mois:
I love, love, L O V E your writing. Insight, imagination and humor, all with such clever turns of phrase! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
monadheff a écrit il y a 5 mois:
YOU GO GIRL! I've never done Thai Chi, but you've got me wanting to try it. =)

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