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I am the miracle - we all are!

I sat down in one of the chairs in front of the pharmacy and waited for my prescription. I didn't feel like shopping, just sat there and felt sorry for myself, the way we do when we have a cold -coughing and sneezing, ready to go to bed but forced to stay awake.

I watched people go by, and when I got bored, I checked out the shelves close to me and took a trip down memory lane. An aisle full of miracle cures to lose weight. Low-calorie shakes and healthy snack bars, herbal pills, and powders and of course, the appetite suppressants.

All of it promises instant results! Guaranteed help on our way to a skinnier and healthier life.

I know most of the STUFF because I have tried a lot of it. The weak fat woman, who couldn't stop eating -I was the perfect victim, the target customer. 

There is not a diet hoax out there that I haven't tried. Any common sense I might possess, flew out of the window when it came to weight loss. I needed to believe there was a miracle cure out there, that would help me to lose all the weight because I knew, I couldn't do it on my own. 

I needed a quick fix for the "only" 50 pounds I had to get rid off. Later it was 80 lbs, then 100 lbs and more. 

Even the best scam of all, the drink that promised me I would lose 10 pounds in 24 hours, is still available and it still looks the same way it did when I bought it, a couple of years ago.

Not feeling hungry, is another assurance they give and I fell for it, wasted my hard earned dollars, in my search for help.

$10, $20 and more -much more- was willingly spent on anything that gave me hope. Nothing worked! Not even the diet pill that was advertised by TV Doctor "Whats-his-name."

I believed the advertisement, accepted it without thinking. Why wouldn't a celebrity who makes millions and can hire a chef, lose weight with cardboard food that comes via mail?I tried the cardboard food myself. Good grief, what was I thinking and what is wrong with celebrities. (Don't get me started!)

I would have danced naked in the yard and would have painted neon-colored polka dots on my body -if THEY would have told me it would make me lose a few pounds. 

It turns out; I am the miracle  -we all are. I can solve my weight problem without any supplements or false promises. I had it in me all this time -we all do.

Weight loss is not always easy, but it's easier than being fat that's for sure. I know, because I am still fat...but only temporarily. 

82.5 pounds lost -Only 57.5 to go!

Another 1.5 lbs are gone with the help of this cold. I take it! 

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teepuppylove a écrit il y a 5 mois:
I hope you feel better soon, hun. I was right there with you trying all sorts of weird cure-alls for my weight loss. And you are right, they don't work. I am happy I stuck with (and continue to stick with) doing this in a whole food, sometimes junk, struggling, hard work way because it's working!

It's that a blessing??? You put in the work and you lose the weight.

Thanks for reminding me it was and still is inside me to do this. *hugs*
Gardengal1222 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
THANK YOU!!!! I needed the reminder. You always give me back my resolve. Get well soon.
melissarose4 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
This weight loss process on this time around using MFP has blown my mind in that "all" I need to do is eat right and try to be a bit more active.

With all the products and diets and plans and books and advertising, it felt like I would need to go to great lengths or spend heaps of money on items to help me lose weight, when you are right - we all have the tools already!

The beauty of MFP - it helps me see that simplicity!

Your writing is beautiful. I feel like I jump into your life every time I read. Get well soon!!!
IntotheLabyrinth a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Hope you feel better soon! Everyone I know has been hit this season with either a bad cold or the flu.

And yes, WE are the miracles. :)
angelasteele82 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Feel better soon dear!
Tenacity149 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Feel better soon! And you really are a miracle!!!
1theresamcvean a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Feel better! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I remember only some of those things. You're so right that this is easier - that is once you get in the zone (haha). What I mean is once you are in it as a lifestyle. I think for me this took about 50 days. Now it's like a self-perpetuating system of being healthy. It's not tied to the reward of losing weight exactly or solely. Because even the weeks I stay on a plateau I am rewarded with better sleep, more energy, and confidence that I'm being healthy for the long term.
themedalist a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Right on, Bridget. The diet industry is a billion dollar industry with the only goal to get us to buy their stuff. I'm especially disappointed in Marie Osmond, who I grew up admiring in the 1970's. Every time I hear her say, "I lost 50 pounds through Nutrisystem.." I think, "I lost 50 pounds too, Marie, through MFP and it didn't cost me a dime, helped me develop new, sustainable eating habits and has given me a network of friends throughout the globe who I just treasure".

I think we chose the better weight loss path.
Dorothyfitness a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Every time I find my weight creeping up again, I also look at all the "miracle products". Most are just a money scam; My Fitness Pal has been my one tried and true method. It's all about eating less and better, and making sure you're active. What a healthy, great resource - and oh - did we forget to acknowledge that it's FREE? How novel!
Happysoul0317 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Oh I am so happy to see a new blog entry from you. And as always, you delivered a wonderfully hopeful message that makes me smile with a tear in my eye! You have been in a little funk this past month, but you are persistently showing great effort. You teach us all a lot about ourselves by sharing bits of yourself. Thank you for all you do, and for this great blog entry!

Sending love your way!
runningforthetrain a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Such a talented writer! I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you!
SassyCookieMe a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Well said, I do believe in miracles but not when it comes to weight loss and dieting. Been there, done that myself more than once. The only people doing well with those miracles are the ones selling them and at what expense? They prey on desperate people (self included) would do anything to be accepted and lose their fat bodies. I do love MFP, it is such a great tool for helping me to stay focused and a source of inspiration with folks who know the same pain and struggles I feel. Yes I do journal on paper as well but I'd be lost without my Fitnesspal app and family. Thank You for sharing this journey with me.
texteach66 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
You're a lot less fat now! You are amazing and a miracle.
Tucson_Traveler a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Bridget, Everything we need is inside of us. Each of us needs to come to our own understanding of what this means, and believe it to make real changes in our life. We truly create the miracles in our lives. Continued blessings on your journey.
Mikkimomof6 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
I really enjoy your writing. Thank you <3
PAnn1 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
So many can relate to this. You hit the nail on the head when you said "It turns out; I am the miracle -we all are. I can solve my weight problem without any supplements or false promises. I had it in me all this time -we all do."
I love reading your blogs. Most, if not all, really hit home for me.
Now for you to get over that cold! {{HUGGGGS}} my S.P.
Connie7355 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
I don't know how to thank you for this post! You wrote everything I needed to hear. Thank you so much!!
Hope you feel better soon!
ADeCapua a écrit il y a 5 mois:
I'm glad you said we don't need the diet pills, that we can do it on our own. I've been doing it. I've lost 52.6 pounds since June of last year up until this morning. I spent February stuck in a plateau. The scale finally moved again this morning! I was starting to think I needed a little help from pills to break the plateau. I know from this week, now, that all I needed to do was really stick to the amount of calories set by MFP more closely, and not eat back too many exercise calories. More bonuses this week, I had to buy new pants the next size down, and I got to lower my insulin dose by 10 units, making it the lowest dose I've been on! So many positives! Thanks for the reminder I don't need the pills. And go you! You're doing incredibly well and you inspire me! I still have a LOT of weight to lose. You help make me think it's possible! Thank you! I enjoy reading your posts.
CrackedBelle a écrit il y a 5 mois:
First, I hope your prescription helped and that you feel better already. Second, thank you for writing. You tell the truth, and so often I find reinforcement and inspiration in your blog.
SheilaCali a écrit il y a 5 mois:
I did the very same thing in January, admiring the pharmacy while dizzy and flu-ridden. I smiled when you said you were sitting down "in ONE of the chairs"! Remember when you couldn't fit? I'm so proud of where you're at on your journey. We're all still here, and that's a miracle in itself. Keep placing one foot in front of the other and putting in the work. It's paying off, and not just for your physical but your mental health as well. Mine too, as you eloquently put our thoughts into glorious prose. Stay strong!
dawkinsc2 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
As I read your blog, I wondered if my "other self" snuck into my office, stole the keyboard, and wrote it. You nailed my feelings exactly, and in so doing gave me an incredible sense of hope. We do have this in us. Thank you for reminding me.
YourVeggieCoach a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Love this. Good for you!
marlown a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Thanks for sharing! So much inspiration from you!

WandaBgood a écrit il y a 5 mois:
First time I've read your blog. Thank you. I started out 60 lbs ago (many years back) then discovered MFP (several years ago) and have been chipping away at it. I've almost entered the 'normal' BMI range. It is people with stories like your own that help us realize we aren't alone in this struggle. We are all here to encourage, inspire, and help us up when we have fallen (off the wagon). Yes, no matter where we are on this journey, we are all miracles. Thank you for sharing.
HildieMe a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Thanks, Bridget, for another beautifully written blog. It's always a treat to reading it, I wish I could do at nearly as well!

I hope you are over your cold by now - so sorry you've been under the weather... And there is hope on the horizon, too. Tai chi definitely strengthens the immune system. I haven't had a cold for 17 years, except losing my voice a couple of times (being a teacher, a health hazard).

I once had the sniffles because I was squeezed into an airplane seat next to a woman with a very contagious cold. But it was over in three days.

So, keep up the good work, and thank you so much!

Best of health
hearingyou2 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Wow, what a great story. I love the way you tell it. I hope you feel better soon. It is exciting to hear your story and your progress. Keep up the great work.

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