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Navigating my new Lifestyle

My little guy (Zac -- the cutey in my profile picture) had a grooming appointment for 7:30 a.m. this morning (what retired person in their right mind makes a grooming appointment for 7:30 a.m.???). My husband suggested that we drop him off and then go for breakfast "if your new diet will allow it" he said.

"Of course it will!"  *I said out loud while my mind scrambled to think what I could eat for breakfast in a restaurant*  

As I looked over the menu I saw an option that would have 90% worked for me. But unfortunately I chose another option which, at the time, I really thought would be okay. But when my oversized pancake arrived and I took my first bite I could taste the grease from frying it on the roof of my mouth.  Then of course, although I did not use butter, I added a small amount of sugary-sweet syrup.  The side with this dish was potatoes -- which of course are totally acceptable . . . but the fact that they were fried hashbrowns also made them a bad choice.  

The entire time I was eating my breakfast I felt remorseful.  I've been doing so well!  Why didn't I chose the oatmeal?? 

Because I was beating myself up for the *very delicious very large* pancake, I skipped lunch and then on Zac's after lunch walk I became lightheaded.  Luckily we had stopped at a friend's house just before that and she was able to provide me with a tangerine.  *A tidbit of totally unrelated information*

When we got home I sat down for a healthy snack and was reading on the Forks over Knives Facebook page when I stumbled onto some advice from a more experienced plant-based eater who said to "give yourself grace" when you are less than perfect.  

Give myself grace.  What great counsel is that?  Give myself grace.

I am loving my new plant-based lifestyle BUT this is a huge learning curve for me and there is SO MUCH information to navigate, recipes to browse, and things to learn.  I am not always going to be perfect so I might as well admit and understand that right now.  The biggest thing I have to do is give myself grace in those instances when I mess up.  

My revelation can be a lesson to all of us . . . no matter what your eating plan is, no matter what lifestyle you have chosen, no matter what mistake you make . . .


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kjurassic a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Amen! :-)
conniehv40 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
You are doing really well! I love the "give yourself grace"
melissarose4 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
YES! Great advice to remember!
PAnn1 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
I really like this advice and yes, it pertains to all of us no matter what our food plan is.
zydeco69 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Great advice but one I find very hard to do. When I am trying to achieve a goal. I have to learn more patience.
LillyAKAChubbyUnicorn6456 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Please never say anything to yourself that you would allow someone to say to your best friend. ;o)

Proud of what you are learning and how you rolled with the waves, there!
SassyCookieMe a écrit il y a 6 mois:
great advice, "Give yourself grace" very powerful and true, none of us are perfect, we are of course human and make errors in judgement at times....so forgive yourself and move on.
debk0718 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Well done Karen! Love this blog, and your Zac looks very much like my Bella. You're doing great and learning so much and sharing your journey is appreciated. One day at a time. :)
StevLL a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Love that! We're gonna trip and fall, but we can get right back up at the next meal. Great attitude and you are Rockin' your new lifestyle!
daleschmieg a écrit il y a 5 mois:
You are an inspiration!!! Our entire lives (and so many cultural opportunities/celebrations) revolve around the consumption of food, and it is so tricky to navigate that! A friend who is a motivational coach mentioned the 21:90 rule. She said that it takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 days to build a lifestyle. Here's to building a whole new lifestyle!!!
shravanj841 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
"Give yourself grace", that's Great..!

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