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"There's a 95% failure rate for long term weight loss success (more than 5 years). The reality is, most people who lose the weight will gain it back within a few months or years. Keeping a food diary is one tool that can help you beat the odds."

About Me:

I'm Faye, I'm married with 2 children.

I found Myfitnesspal at my highest weight and lowest ebb (my search to start a diet had led me to pro-ana and bulimia sites where one person recommended mfp to log).
I started at 272.8lbs (Weight on doctors records) and was down to 265.8 when I first weighed in on MFP.
I'm 5ft5.5 (for the longest time I thought I was 5ft 4.5 but apparently not!) and came here to get my BMI to 30 so we could commence Assisted Fertility treatment.

I gained 40.6lbs during pregnancy

Goal 9: 8 stone lost (112lb)
Goal 10: 9 stone lost (126lb)
Milestone 1: 210lb (the weight I was 9 years ago) 8 May 12
Milestone 2: ONEderland 6 Sep 2012
Milestone 3:183- MOVE FROM OBESE TO OVERWEIGHT 28 Jan 13 and again 14 Dec 2014
Milestone 4: 151 (10st 11) top end of healthy weight for my height.


Why I want to get in shape

Assisted Fertility treatment:
Assessment: May 9th 2012
Exploratory op: Aug 21st 2012
Follow up: Oct 10th 2012
IUI 1ST ATTEMPT: Mar 2nd 2013 *BFN*
IUI 2ND ATTEMPT: Apr 20th 2013 *BFP*
BABY DUE 8th Jan 2014
Matilda arrived 11 Jan 2014 :)

Over my 800 days of MFP (reached 21st Jan 2014) my reasons for wanting to get into shape have changed.

1. When I started to show an interest in the pro-ana sites I knew I had to change something

2. I wanted to lose weight for fertility treatment. I did this and now have a wonderful daughter.

3. I'm finally happy in my own skin, I like what I see in the mirror even though I'm not at a target weight/shape yet, I'm more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have been. Everything I achieve from now only adds to my confidence :)

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