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  • Grass Cut Compost Bin Delivered Wed, June 20, 2018

    Went to Trig's before breakfast so to get cash and groceries. Had difficulties with ebike with trailer attached and groceries.  Emailed ebikekit which said I could upgrade to 48V which should handle the issues.  Came home from Trigs and found 2 packa...

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  • The Keto craze

    I have recently been dabbling in the whole Keto diet way ofeating. I havent yet went in fully but havedecided to give it a go. As a Type 2 diabetic I have beenreading alot of articles on the benefits of Keto with someone who has diabetes. This week w...

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  • More energy

    I can do this..  I can see the goal I can touch the goal  I can feel the goal Here is to the untimate goal.   

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  • Healthy Alternatives to Ice Cream

    I scream. You scream. We all scream for… well, you get the drift. It’s difficult to imagine a summer without a big bowl (or cone) of ice cream. However, with every lick of every scoop, the guilt grows. Luckily, we have a bit of good news for you. We ...

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  • Starting all over again

    I am so sick of starting weight loss over and over again- why can't i just manage what i eat better!

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  • Day One

    First day of blogging, first day of knowing that my daighter is having colon cancer and will be wearing a colostomy bag for the rest of her life. Yes she will be alive and able to care for her 2 boys, praise God, but why at only 38 years old does thi...

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  • Day 11 --- 12/08/2017

    Every day I feel like I learn something new. Today, I was reading the forums on Myfitnesspal and a reader said this: “There is a threshold of energy availability, roughly 30 kcal/kg LBM for most women, that must be met for normal menstrual cycling. T...

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  • Back at it AGAIN!

    Well, life has thrown me some curveballs in the last year.  Some I can talk about and some I can't.  The biggest, most stressful thing, is that I asked my husband to leave about 1 year ago.  He was mentally and verbally abusive to me and my kids and ...

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  • Just WAIT for 10 minutes....!!!

    .....BEFORE I put more food in my mouth!!! It always works, but immediately after eating my portioned food, I usually am thinking of "a little something else".  BUT, if I wait 10 minutes, I am usually satisfied.   This is another habit to develop.  J...

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  • Today is a new day

    And just like that, I'm ready.

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  • Day 3

    BLEH!So I  went over everything yesterday. Didn't cheat or anything, but my calories for the day was 1800something. Carbs were way over etc.Darn onions! I mean... duh.. of course they have some sugar in them. They get sweet when you cook them. But da...

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  • Well, I have hit a plateau

    Due to Aches and pains, I had to slow down on some of my exercises for the last few weeks. I may have been hitting it a little to hard. LOL . Now, i have switched workouts routines. I started with Insanity and I have switched to the Power 90 videos. ...

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  • Neu Neu Neu

    Ich bin so gespannt, ob ich mich an die Kalorienvorgabe halten kann und ob es endlich mal wieder klappt mit dem Abnehmen....würde so gerne erstmal 5kg abnehmen und dann nochmal und nochmal und nochmal und nochmal 5kg :-)

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  • OCD and Losing Weight

    Yo. Gabe again here to talk more about my struggle when it comes to weight loss and today I really want to speak on something that's close to home for me. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which isn't what people in media make it out to be. ...

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  • Why am I always so Hungry?

     Do you feel like your stomach is a bottomless pit? It’s one thing to be always hungry if you’re pregnant, expecting your period or have recently increased your time spent in the gym. But, what does it mean if you’re constantly craving the next feed ...

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  • hunger...i hate food

    Do all slim people go to bed hungry and unfilfilled? Is this what it feels like? Is it normal...I have never been normaI all my life always can eat mountainsful... so I have nothing to refer to...slim people eat a fraction of what I do even when cutt...

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  • Much Needed Wake Up Call

    It's 5:42 am on a Wednesday morning and my 22 month old grandson has just woken the whole household dog included with his demands.  With undeveloped speech responses it amazes me how much he understands of the questions asked as to what's up to respo...

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  • Etwas viel

    Hatte dann gestern mal etwas viel Kalorien. Mein Leckerer Joghurt mit Früchten und zuckerfreiem Seitenbacher Müsli hat irgendwie nicht lange vorgehalten, so dass ich mittags bei der Konferenz zwei(!) Brötchen verdückt habe. Oh mein Gott warum denn zw...

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  • Swim Tuesday, June 19, 2018

    Justin came over early and said too wet to cut grass today and will come at 11 AM on Wednesday.  Arranged for plastic compost bin drop off after 12 noon tomorrow; bin matches what I have that is almost full.Went to SA for food items around 9:30 AM.  ...

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  • Hola

    Les saludo, estoy en una lucha constante por bajar de peso. Soy una mujer aun joven con muchas ganas de sentirse bonita y sobretodo saludable, es por ello que he decidido comenzar por enecima vez a una dieta o estilo de vida donde pueda lograr dismin...

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