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Closet Tears


I LOVE buying clothes.  My husband and I each budget some fun money each paycheck that we can each spend without the other person questioning at all.  We've done this for years and it works for reaching our form of  financial peace.  He usually spends his on eating out at lunch with friends, on tools or drone parts, or whatever random hobby he is into at the moment.  I usually spend mine on crafting stuff or new clothes.  

 For the last few years my clothes shopping style had changed.  Instead of hunting for something I loved, I bought many things just because they fit or hid my less favorite body parts.  I stopped getting rid of clothes that didn't fit because I hoped they would fit again someday. I also hadn't taken the time to clear out maternity clothes after this last pregnancy.  Before I knew it, my closet was drowning in clothes. 

This weekend I decided to bite the bullet and clean it out.  My husband kindly took the kiddos to his mom's for the afternoon so I could work in peace.  I put on an old season of Project Runway for fashion inspiration as I worked :-)

I told myself that if something was too big, I was getting rid of it.  If it was too small, but close to fitting and I loved it, I'd keep it.  If I never felt pretty in it, no matter how practical of an outfit it might be, I was getting rid of it.  

I tried on pants, tops, blouses, tank tops, and dresses and the stack of maternity and "too big" grew and grew.  I haven't weighed what I weigh now in so long... I was putting on tops that I haven't even tried to pull over my head in years.   

As I reached the end of my clean out, I stood there wearing a slim outfit I used to love, and I stared at my mountain of clothes to give away...and started to cry a little.  

I was just so overwhelmingly happy to finally feel like I'm getting MY body back again.  The piles and piles of oversized clothes in front of me were a visual of how far I've come in the last six post-baby months.  I had enough to clothe a whole person's complete yearly wardrobe.   Six full trashbags worth of clothes to sell at a yard sale, give away, or donate somewhere!

Now my closet looks fabulous and I no longer feel dread when I go in there to get dressed.  I am excited to fit into a few more pieces of clothing that were just a little too small still, and ready to shed a few more that were almost too big.  I am feeling a renewed motivation to continue forward with my healthy lifestyle changes.  

I'm only 2 pounds away from my next barrier number - my wedding weight of 180.  LET'S DO THIS!

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LillyAKAChubbyUnicorn6456 escribió hace 6 meses:
Oh, I need to do this very exercise. I am just at the beginning of my journey, so I'll wait a bit longer--but it's nice to be reminded of what's out there. Nice work, baby! I am so proud of you!
LeeshaSeal escribió hace 6 meses:
I love this and and I am soooo happy for you. I can understand how amazing it must feel.
The_Movie_Chair escribió hace 6 meses:
Oh my goodness, you are a rockstar. I can't wait to clean out my closet. I am not there yet. I am still fat and keep the biggest clothes, the tunics and tents as a reminder where I have been.

I am very proud of you!
matuszewskicarissa165 escribió hace 6 meses:
Way to go!!! I am so very happy for you!!!
Bimby46 escribió hace 6 meses:
I'm so happy for you!!! I'm working toward that feeling of accomplishment of wearing nice clothes that are already in my closet and being able to find new clothes I like and feel comfortable wearing.
kldmarini escribió hace 6 meses:
Amazing!! I'm stoked for you and your progress. Also, thanks for the kind comment on my blog.
tensquaredlives escribió hace 6 meses:
Awesome! I look forward to purging the wardrobe too. I have clothes older than some of my kids.
ArleneMatches escribió hace 6 meses:
My Weight Watcher sister-in-law gave me all her 'fat' clothes when she reached her goal and those have been my inspiration to lose this 40 pounds. Some of the items are 'close' to fitting me and the rest hang in my closet as inspiration. HOWEVER, she has put quite a bit of the weight back on and SHE'S NOT GETTING HER CLOTHES there...!!!
grannywarbonnetts escribió hace 6 meses:
Happy tears.
kdbulger escribió hace 6 meses:
What an INCREDIBLE feeling and accomplishment!! I'm really happy for you. You've worked hard.
SassyCookieMe escribió hace 6 meses:
Nothing can give you a greater boast than trying on clothing that you haven't been able to wear in quite some time and finding that it now fits or is way too big. Great idea giving rid of the fat clothes, and making room for that new wardrobe.
MissLotte escribió hace 6 meses:
Fabulous! And congrats on your weight loss. I did exactly the same thing last year when I started my journey. I had a bag with a few- too small but I'm not throwing them - bits in and I made sure everything else in my wardrobe fitted and chucked anything that didn't. Most of my clothes at that time however were too small. I then went on a shopping trip once a week with the OH and we both bought new clothes because I just needed clothes that fit me. I'm now in a position where most of the new clothes - some not even worn - are too big for me now. I need to think about having another clean out. It's such a cleansing and refreshing feeling and like you say, you don't dread getting dressed in the morning and that is something I hadn't felt for years.
heatherpb01 escribió hace 6 meses:
Wonderful! Congrats!
picciano2win escribió hace 5 meses:
Congratulations! I've recently done similar, lost 60 pounds, am shopping my closet for clothes I haven't worn in years. I searched for and found a local shelter for homeless women&children, most victims of spouse abuse, and was thrilled that they were eager to take my newer too-big clothes for their clients. Made me feel very good about the re-homing. Recommend it!
SueSueDio escribió hace 5 meses:
Congratulations - that's awesome! :)

Keep one outfit from your biggest size, as a reminder of how far you've come, and donate or sell the rest - they'll be fabulous finds for someone else who's still on their way down to the size you used to be.

I'm incredibly grateful to the ladies in my town who've donated good quality clothing to the thrift store, so that I can dress nicely without spending a fortune! Everything I shrink out of goes back to the store for the next person to enjoy... :)
estory2 escribió hace 5 meses:
Congratulations on your weight loss and also for cleaning your closet! Wow... keep up the good work! :-)
mistyloveslife escribió hace 5 meses:
This is exactly how I feel as far as my closet goes. I have 4 full totes of too small things in the attic and a walk in closet that's so packed. I have clothes ranging sizes 10-16. Most of them don't fit. I get so overwhelmed every time I step foot in there because I have so many beautiful things that I can't wear. This gives me so much to look forward to! Thank you for sharing and many congratulations on your success!
MsCapeles687 escribió hace 5 meses:
Awesome!! Congratulations! It is such a rewarding feeling, isn't it??!

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