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200 Days - 50 Pounds - 1 Kindl

Today is my 200-Day Anniversary here at MFP; it's also my weekly weigh-in day and the scale was kind to me. 50.3 pounds lost and according to my contract, I have just earned myself a Kindle. I don't know what's more exciting; the weight loss or the reward. 

Much has changed during the last 200 days. I took control over a part of my life that had been totally out of whack. Me, the fat lady, the binge eater and overeater -I am in control now. I control the food and the portions. I decide when and what I eat. Food has lost its power. I am the Alpha dog; I give the commands not the other way around.

I finished my morning routine, and I couldn't help but think about the next 200 days. 

Christmas and New Year is in five months. By then I want to fit into a size; into a size, many here signed up to get rid of. I am hoping to be a size 18 by then, or perhaps I could even fit in the old, banged up size 16 Lewis that's hidden in the corner of my closet.

I don’t even recall the year when I wore it the last time. I think it was 2010, or maybe 2009. 

I long to be a real size again because let’s be honest, just adding X after X is not a size, it’s an extension. I wore a snug 3X when I signed up here and now I wear a 2X that fits very comfortably.

Either way, I kicked an X to the curb…may it never come back? UPSTAIRS I can tell the difference; DOWNSTAIRS, not so much. How do you tell a weight loss in stretchy pants with an elastic waist? 

I do take my measurements once a month and some of the lost inches surprise me. I must have lost 10 pounds around my calves -who would have thought? 

Also, my face and neck are getting smaller. I am now the proud owner of a double chin -the triple chin is history.  

Five more months! Perhaps then I could even be a regular XL and not a 1X in the plus size store where they are kind -all the clothes are extra wide and extra long. I assume they think we don’t notice, but we do, we just never talk about it. Once you step into the plus size store, the deal is made, there is almost never a turning back. 

Running sizes bigger it's a kind lie, that’s supposed to make us feel good. But let's be honest, nothing is good about the plus size store.

Being a real size, that’s the goal I have now. 

Am I breaking all the rules if I make my New Year’s resolution in July already? “May 2017 be the last year I ever have to wear pants with an elastic waist.”

50 Pounds lost - Only 90 to go!

From Disaster to Fabulous

"Let's weigh you first," she said, and I almost pushed her aside to reach the scale. It showed three pounds more than my scale at home, and for a split second, I entertained the thought of stripping butt naked in a doctor's office. 

My doctor was impressed; he congratulated me on my weight loss. Almost 50 pounds, that's something to be proud of.  I had done what he asked me too.

"Lose weight, and you will be able to work out. Lose weight, and we might get you off your medications. Lose weight, and you will feel better."

I still have some health issues that need to be addressed, and we are working on it, but overall I feel better. 

My blood work is FABULOUS, so he said, and again I felt pride. I had done that. I had lowered my bad cholesterol; I had lowered my blood pressure. Like a little kid, I was waiting for my reward, and I got it. "Let's not take this anymore," he said and pointed to a bottle of horse pills. "Good...never liked them."

From DISASTER to FABULOUS. Isn't it amazing what we can do? 

"Whatever you are doing. it's working," he said, and I felt mighty proud -again. My doctor wanted to know more, and I started to brag a little bit. I told him about my new lifestyle and about all the new food I am trying. I can talk myself into a frenzy lately when it comes to food, simply because I am stunned about all the changes I can feel -and see.  

A couple of years ago I had asked him about gastric bypass, wanted to know if it would force me to lose all the weight -since I obviously wasn't capable of doing it on my own.

He asked me if I was still thinking about it and he got a heartfelt, "Heck, no," from me. 

"I don't need help," I proudly announced and felt guilty just a second later. Who am I to sound so arrogant? Just a year ago I had been thinking about it as well. I was never really for it. "You get yourself into a mess, you get yourself out of it," that's what I always told the kids when they were little. The same rule applies to me. 

I got a "green light" to work out. I can't use weights -but that's fine, I have enough weight to throw around. I know it will be a long and hard road until I will be in shape again -any shape. I am a little bit scared, but also excited. I feel confused and oh so sure of myself.

Patience Padawan! Baby steps!


48 Pounds lost - Only 92 lbs to go!

Be good when you are bad

Every time we go out to eat, I feel like I have one hand in the cookie jar already. Being in control at home is not that complicated. I am the chef in our kitchen. I plan the menu and the meals; I weigh the food, write down the ounces and grams and log it all. It's actually pretty simple math. Stay under your calorie goal, lose weight! I finally understand.

Going out to eat, makes me feel uncomfortable. Some restaurants offer nutrition information on their web page, but most of them don't. I am on my own and feel like I am on shaky ground. The last 1,000-calorie breakfast faux pas has taught me that I can not always trust my judgment -yet.

Four days out of town = 12 meals in restaurants. The 4th of July-weekend made me nervous.

I understand the basic rules. Baked is better than fried, and salads are only good if I don't drown the healthy leaves in a gallon of creamy dressing. 

We went out for dinner the night we arrived. The menu was divine, and the smell that came out of the kitchen made my mouth water. A cute Greek restaurant, a cozy place and I didn't know what to order. "Mom, do you know what you want?" and I shook my head. I had no clue.  

Please, let us know if you have special dietary needs. We are happy to help was printed on the bottom of the menu, and I decided to ask for help.

"Do you have a menu that shows the nutrition and calories?" I asked the waitress -with as much confidence as I could come up with- and she looked at me funny.

She left and went into the kitchen. A while back she returned with an older gentleman. He introduced himself as the cook and asked me what I needed. 

"I am on a health journey and would love to eat a meal with 0 calories," I joked, and we all laughed. My family is used to me, they don't get easily embarrassed -I trained them well. 

A big lady like me is asking for nutrition and calories that must be comical I suppose. 

I felt the need to apologize to the chef -after all, this is my problem, not his, but he interrupted me when I tried. He was happy to help he said, and he sounded genuine.

"I am going to make you something special," he promised, and with that, he left the table and went back in his kitchen.

A while later the waitress came back and served us dinner. Everybody besides me had a mouthwatering plate in front of them.

The chef came out himself and served me my plate. He described and explained the dish to me like I would be somebody special. A thin piece of veal, with a lemon-caper sauce with grilled vegetables, an eggplant mousse and a side salad with a Greek vinaigrette. It was delicious and to my surprise, he didn't charge me extra. My healthy dinner cost the same as my husband's dish -everything was very reasonable. 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner,  in every restaurant we went, the chefs were thrilled to help me, and it was not an act. I suppose that my particular request might have given them a break from their usual routine. I ate good and felt good about it.  

Visiting the kids was fun. We had a splendid time, and two days later I stepped on the scale and declared Victory. "Victoria" (as many of you know, I did name the scale after all) showed the same weight as the week before. 

Going out to eat once in a while doesn't sound so scary anymore. Now I can enjoy it without feeling bad. 

Still, 44 lbs lost - 96 to go! 


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