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"Ready to Get In Shape"

About Me:

A full Time mother, and a Full Time Wife. Our lives are full with ups and downs, and a lot of people are in and out. Trying to reconnect with the important ones, and lose the leeches.

-♥-Im 24 years young
-♥-I'll blow out 25 candles on april 29th, 2013.
-♥-I have a wonderful sonBrian Micheal Rodriguez, and an equally wonderfull daughter Maddison
-♥-Im deeply in love with a man who's been by my side through everything. And i wouldn't trade my children or him for the world
-♥-I am blessed with an amazingly supportive family & equally great friends.
-♥-i cant sit still
-♥-i -♥- bread..no really you dont understand haha
-♥-tattoos & piercings make me feel undescribable, which is why i have 1 tattoo and a labret
-♥-i have so many plans & goals for my life it would take me forever to explain.
-♥-i have horrible spelling & grammar skills and make no apologies for it.
-♥-i am the type of person who can have fun with anyone, anywhere.
-♥-i finally feel like the old me, im not angry or bitter anymore.
-♥-theres much more than meets the eye.
-♥-im outspoken, loud, and not shy.
-♥-i tend to have "foot in mouth" syndrom and can be rude without even knowing it.
-♥-i live for today and have learned to never look back.
-♥-once you get a taste of me you'll yearn for more, but will learn you can never get your fill.
-♥-im kinda addictive, or atleast that's what ive been told haha -♥-

Why I want to get in shape

Im not happy with my body...i was never a size 2 and i dont want to be. Im very curvaceous and want to stay that way.but i do want to get down to a healthy size and be happy with it. :)

[x] 10lbs lost...New Lip Rings.....1-2-2013
[ ] 20lbs lost...Thumb Ring
[ ] 30lbs lost...New Shoes
[ ] 40lbs lost...New Out-Fit to go with the New Shoes
[ ] 50lbs lost...
[ ] 60lbs lost...$150 dollar toward shopping!!!

My Inspirations

  • Obesity runs in my family and i want to beat it !!!!!!


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