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About Me:

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I am 5 feet tall and have been as heavy as 180lbs - when I go back for college reunions no one recognizes me! But, as my age increases so has my weight. However, after learning so much here on MFP I so much less about my weight as I am about body fat %/lean mass %, strength, and overall fitness. Oh yeah, and, I EAT!! I fuel my body with a lot of good, whole foods. I eat the great stuff - all veggies and fruit - in abundance. EVERYTHING else I eat in moderation. I do not restrict myself from any category of food and I do not eat "diet" foods - low fat, low sugar, low or artificial anything else!!! My body needs good fuel to keep this baby pumping.

For exercise I use an ARC Trainer for High Intensity Interval (HIIT) cardio and I lift heavy weights. This means that every time I lift if I can do 8 reps easily I move up the weight by 5 pounds. I find that I am upping weight about every week or so.

My progress so far:
Waist - 26.5"
Fat % 25.1
Wrist 6"
Hip 33"
Forearm 8"

4/12/15 - I am back into this fitness habit, with work to do
122 lbs
Waist 27"
Fat % 25.4, 91 lbs lean body mass, 31 lbs fat

Weight: 117
Neck: 12.5"
Bust: 34"
Under bust: 29"
Waist: 26"
BMR: 1293
Fat %: 20.1%

4/29/12 stats:
weight: 121
neck: 12.5"
bust: 36"
under bust: 31"
waist: 27"
hip: 34"
BMR: 1273
Fat %: 23

See, little change in weight but a significant difference in body composition - AND I feel fantastic!!

To calculate BMR, Fat % for yourself go to this link: http://www.fat2fitradio.com/tools/bmr/

Another BMR calculator here - Easy & Accurate TDEE calculator: http://scoobysworkshop.com/accurate-calorie-calculator/

Additional references:
These books are old friends and had been published 20+ years ago. The books focus on women and strength training when women were just getting into body building. The information is still relevant today. All books have complete instructions on nutrition and different exercises to do - complete with photos of every lift! "New Rules for Weightlifting for Women" is not new - Rachel and Corey have been at it for 30 years, check them out!

"Perfect Parts" and "Flex Appeal" by Rachel McLish, the first Ms Olympia
"Superflex" by Cory Everson

Why I want to get in shape

My business is about better health. I am constantly researching or participating in programs to promote healthful behaviors. This barrage makes me so incredibly conscious of the control we each personally have over our health and how weight is a huge determinant of health.

I look around me, in the U.S. and see so many overweight people yet when I am out of the U.S. and with my ex-U.S. friends I see such huge differences in weight management. In the US folks around me chide me for trying to lose weight - they see no need. My friends outside the US are just the opposite.

My Inspirations

  • My ex-US friends - they eat healthy portions and are active simply in daily life
  • So thankful for my health and want to stay that way!
  • My MFP friends, you strongly support my goals, thank you.
  • Ernestine Shepherd - no more excuses! http://ernestineshepherd.net/


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