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Here’s how someone I’ve never met has given me a daily reminder to live in the moment:

 About 2-3 years ago in March or April, as I drove up to the top of the hill by my house as I got to the top, the house across the street of the intersection appeared and I noticed that hanging on the front railing hung Christmas decorations of the word “JOY.” 


 “Weird,” I thought and chuckled to myself that someone still had left their Christmas decorations up. 


 Every day I drove up the hill over the next couple of months, I half expected it to be taken down. It wasn’t. 


 Sometimes I was frustrated by it. Sometimes I was incredulous. But mostly, I found it funny. 


 Then a couple months later, my church pastor, who is also my neighbor, mentioned it in a sermon. He talked about how odd it was but how it also served as a good reminder to keep JOY in our lives.


 From then on I saw it differently. I came to the conclusion that, although I never saw anyone around the house, that is was likely someone elderly who lacked the ability and/or motivation to take it down. I got used to it and expected the daily reminder.


 So there it was. Everyday. For years. 


 Until it wasn’t.


 When I saw that it was gone, I noticed a big blue dumpster in the driveway. The kind people bring to empty a house when the inhabitant passes away. And, I was surprised when I felt saddened by it. I had never met the person but was sad that they passed away, and saddened that  “JOY” was not hanging when reaching the crest of that hill. But the thing is, I can still see it in my mind. 


 That image in my mind, combined with the reality that it’s no longer there serves me with that reminder to keep that JOY with me every day that I can.


 Some days I do better than others, but the next day when I reach that pinnacle, I am reminded I can hit the reset button and I have the opportunity to fill that day with JOY.


 They say that a person’s legacy is the lives that they have touched. This makes me part of this unknown person’s legacy. 


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legsnbacon schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
maybe now you should put your own JOY up so that you can be that reminder for someone else
Me2FitMe schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
PAnn1 schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
I agree with legsnbacon. That was my first thought when I read about the dumpster. Funny how little things like this sign can be turned into a great thing.
brenn24179 schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
I needed this today! Yes enjoy our lives in the moment, I get kind of down on myself when I mess up, overeat and remember there is another day. Enjoy my life, thank you for the reminder
ShellyMacchi schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
love the reminder... *said through a blur of tears*
kjurassic schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
What a beautifully written blog. Glad you had that little reminder. I wonder what JOY you might have brought to the person who lived in that house had you reached out and attempted a connection? I'm in my 60's and I can see myself as the occupant of the JOY house. Many of my friends are already gone, the little family I have left are young and it seems now that the "older folk" just don't matter anymore or are interpreted as not having feelings.
aliciaaw schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
Great blog
domesticlydiva schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
Thank you for sharing that. There are numerous negative things to focus on, but it is interesting how 3 letters can remind us to count our blessings & you have done that by sharing those 3 letters. If we look hard enough we kind find some joy in the smallest things.
wolverine66 schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
Thank you, everyone, for the kind words.

kjurassic - I should have attempted a connection. It's something I regret not doing, and another reminder to not put those kinds of things off.
taunto_ schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
Be the joy in other peoples lives. From what little experience I have of knowing you, you already bring lots of joy to others. Just keep at it, I say :)
The_Movie_Chair schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
I think you need to have your own JOY sign for yourself and to pay it forward. BTW Great Idea
hroderick schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
debbiewsharpe schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
Thanks for sharing. JOY stands for Jesus, Others and You. Keep spreading the word.
MiloBloom83 schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
It's nice to see a quality blog on top for a change.

lildebbie121 schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
Good reminder Wolverine. I’ll take it. Keep writing, nicely done.
kittygonzalez3511 schrieb vor 3 Monaten:
I agree with what someone else said...put up your own Joy sign.....instead. =)
brightresolve schrieb vor 2 Monaten:
Just what I needed to hear today (and every day) THANK YOU!
blackburn23 schrieb vor 2 Monaten:
Thank you for sharing your JOY story. It was inspiring and a great reminder that not only do we need JOY in our lives, but that we need to share it with others also.
Debster634 schrieb vor 2 Monaten:
Your sensitivity is remarkable, your writing is wonderful and your lesson is unforgetable. Thank you!
crochetmerlot58 schrieb vor 2 Monaten:
Great blog. Love the inspiration.

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