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  • Der erste Frust.

    So, nachdem es jetzt stetig bergab gibn, jetzt die erste Frustphase... Unser Waldpsaziergang am Samstag hatte mir einen entsprechenden Kick gegeben. Seitdem geht es stetig bergauf. Ja es sind nur 300g aber für den Kopf ist das fatal. Ich weiß, dass s...

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  • mental illness

    feel like ive hit another rock bottom ... very depressed. since being diagnosed with CPTSD, dissociation and skiztoid affective disorder. i feel ashamed and embarassed of what had to unravel to be properly diagnosed and i'm having a real hard time ac...

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  • 케토시작 19 June 2018

    일단 삼개월간 아주 철저하게 로깅을 하고 그 후에는 조금 느슨하게 해도 된다는 마음가짐으로 할것. 1) 일주일에 한끼정도 예외는 허용 (95퍼센트는 계속 케토) 2) 최선을 다하되, 너무 강박적으로 하진 않는다. 예를 들어, 넷탄수가 20정도된다고 해도 너무 스트레스받지말것3) 체중은 일주일에 한번 월요일 아침에 잰다. 전략 1)아침은 계란세개에 마요를 뿌려먹는걸로 고정 2) 하루에 삶은 야채와 간장소스를 먹는것도 고정 나머지는 요리해서 먹고싶...

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  • Five Homemade Masks to Take Care of the Skin

    Face masks for the face give a quick, natural and effective solution to skin problems. In this publication we present five practical recipes.Soft faceTo make a mask to soften the skin you need a spoonful of natural yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and abo...

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  • The long story of how I started my weight loss journey

    This all started at least 2 years ago. I developed a cough, and I assumed it was from smoking for years, but I ignored it.( I had quit long before this started). Months went on and my cough got progressively worse so fearing the wor...

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  • one addiction after another

    do ya have days that ya just wanna be as mentally numb as you can be .. not to feel any emotion at allthis is me, today. i'm still battling drug addiction and like weight and a food addiction, i've grown so tired of trying and failing over and over a...

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  • MFP is the missing puzzle piece

    Last March my friend came to me and asked that I start walking with her on a daily basis.  The doctor told her she was diabetic and walking would help her.  We walked 4 miles a day from the beginning.  At first we were tired, hot, thirsty, and slow. ...

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  • What a Monday...

    This time of the year is always hard. It's the end of the school year and my kiddo is getting ready to spend the summer with his dad. This is our 3rd year doing this, but it doesn't get any easier. About a month ahead of time, he starts acting up, ta...

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  • Starting Over

    So i was doing so well . I had lost so much weight and then i let depression and being overwheled hit. I feel like starting over is a down fall for me but i need to learn to be stronger. This morning hearing someone at least be honest with me on gain...

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  • Week 2 completed!

    I finished week 2 day 3 today. Hooray! Even though I fell off the running wagon before, here's an interesting thing about having been a runner once: You know you CAN do it. The first time I did C25K, I wasn't sure if I was built to be a runner. I was...

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  • June 18, 2018

    Whelp - I said I was gonna do it as soon as I turned 55, and now it's almost a month later, but here I finally go. Procrastination truly is my downfall when trying to get healthy but I simply have to get started now. Last week, my doctor recommended ...

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  • I hate photos. Why are people so insistent?

    I went to a show last week and my friends absolutely insisted that I pose in front of the billboard.  I'm tired and self-conscious about having to decline repeatedly, so I just agreed and honestly did not think too much of it.  Then I reversed roles ...

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  • Day 2 And can anyone tell me how often blog entries should be done?

    Alright so it is day 2 and I was wondering should I do a blog entry everyday if I can?  I'm going to get some weight training in today which will be the first time in years.  Wish me luck!  Here's hoping I don't do more then I should and hurt myself....

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  • The Struggle is real

    I feel like I've hit this plateu that I can't get past. I work out/walk/ride my bike at least 5 days a week and I just can't get below what my current weight is. I drop 5lbs, I gain 5lbs. I think I'm eating healthy and low carb but I faulter all the ...

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  • Setting a goal

    2 Weeks ago amongst the height of my motivated mentality I decided it would be useful to give myself a goal to aspire to every 3 months, in hope that it would push me forward and give me something to strive to. My first goal that I have set for Sept...

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  • Day One

    Today is the start of my journey. Today is the day that I pledge to lose 56 lbs. With no time limit and nothing but perseverance and determination. I’m going to be realistic and say that there will be days that are cheat days, days where I want to ...

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  • "I don't eat sugar" is now "I don't eat ANYTHING sweet"

    Fruit, and ANY artificial OR natural sweetener, including stevia, is now on the forbidden list. I'm an adult, it's time to let go of any childish attachment to sweet flavors. Luckily, sweets never have been my favorite - I prefer rich, savory foods. ...

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  • Stuff to do

    Keep working on the snack drawer.  I brought some popcorn from Costco for snacks.  It is something like 100 calories per bag.  I'll throw two bags into the backpack for work.  I'll see if I can get around them. I skipped two meals of the four this we...

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  • 7 days without bingeing, but the weekend also happened.

    Alright, so things didn't really go according to plan this weekend. I was hoping to be about 500 calories over my budget on Saturday to help get ready for my race on Sunday. I was then planning to be about 500 calories under my goal for Sunday. I for...

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  • Getting started

    I started Weight Watchers Free Style in Feb 2018.  I have had success with the program but with my schedule being really hectic I am finding it hard to make it to meetings.  So I am going to use MyFitnessPal and see if I can hold myself accountable. ...

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