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Let it go

Sometimes being a working parent of little ones is just so *kitten* hard. When I don't get home until 5:30-ish, I have such a tiny window to live my life outside of work on a weekday.

 I just have to take the advice of Princess Elsa and "Let it go"  (a song that seems to be on neverending repeat sometimes in our house thanks to our 3 year old princess).  

Let go of the dirty dishes

Let go of the unfolded laundry or washer I've started over for the third time.

Let go of the crumbs on the counter

Let go of the toys in the kids' rooms


Instead I will...

Cherish cuddles with my kids while they still want to sit in my lap

Say yes to one more bedtime story or silly song

Hold my husband's hand and enjoy some time together after the kids finally go to sleep

Pour a glass of wine and watch that silly TV show that we watch on tired nights after a long day (NCIS in case you are curious HA)


The housework can wait.  The workout I didn't do will not sabotage my whole plan (still trackin' that food!).  I've enjoyed my family time and that's what matters today. I can't be Super Mom and get it all done every day - and that is just fine. 

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matuszewskicarissa165 schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
I love this!! I need to actually follow this! I agree, its so hard to come home and feel like you "have" to get certain things done or you "have" to divide your time up between things. I often go to bed thinking "what could I have done different" and it seems to always be "Ignore the housework like your husband constantly tells you and spend more time as a family". I think as working parents, we try to juggle too much at once and we stress ourselves out so much!
minstrelofsarcasm schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
Perfect is boring. Be a good mom, not a perfect mom. Your kids won't remember if their mommy wiped crumbs off of the table after every meal or if she kept the piles of dirty laundry below the height of Everest. They'll think back to all the little moments you spent together, if you were able to make a mess and laugh about it rather than stressing, and if they ever decided when they grew up they wanted to be exactly like you. My favorite memories of my mom are always the instances where she took time out of her day just for me. I don't even remember how clean the house was.
LillyAKAChubbyUnicorn6456 schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
Your wisdom chokes me up. You have got this. I really love that you realize missing one day isn't going to derail your whole darned plan. And at least we now have a plan, right? ;oP #BigHug
jaimydude schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
The instead I will's sound so precious! Appreciate you!
joanthemom8 schrieb vor 5 Monaten:
I finally got a housecleaner to come once a week. I still have to cook and do the dishes and laundry after work, but I was using "housecleaning" as an excuse not to workout, watch my favorite show, etc. It's pricey but it has taken a huge weight (mentally) off of me, because I was always worrying about getting everything done.
missKmorgan schrieb vor 5 Monaten:
You are a wise woman - those little ones won't be little for long. Take the time to hug, cuddle and love them while they are still little for you will blink and they will be grown and on their own.
rosfk schrieb vor 5 Monaten:
I once read somewhere that no-one's last words will ever be "I wish I'd spent more time at the office" or "I wish I'd done more housework". I found it to be uplifting then and still do now. I too pay someone else to do my cleaning on a weekly basis so that I can spend more time at the gym/with my family/walking my dog etc before it's too late and I don't get another chance. You got this, girl :)
EdBugsMom schrieb vor 5 Monaten:
I wish I could vote for this more than once. I always try to remind myself, my boys will remember the time we spent together more than if the floors were swept and the dishes done.

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