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Staying Strong

I'm staying strong for my family.  When I became ill a little over 5 years ago it really scared me.  I was very dependent on my husband for the first time in my life and I didn't like it very much.  Once I was well again I got myself to the gym, changed my eating habits to the healthier fare I'd actually eaten most of my adult life, and set weight and physical goals for myself.  My motivation was very simply my own health.

Something changed inside of me during the last 5 years though.  I enjoy being healthy and strong in a very selfish way but I've realized that I have a larger responsibility to my family, and my fitness and well-being not only influences them in a positive way, but it allows me to be the kind of person I want to be.  

I'm much more capable of helping and nuturing my family than I was before I became ill.  I didn't even realize that I'd let myselt slip into some self-indulgent habits until I needed all my strength and will power to make not only myself well but to also care for those I love.

Last year my husband became ill and I was able to help him much more aggresively than I had previously in running our business and keeping him focused on getting well, I helped our disabled daughter move to San Francisco to begin a new life, I nurtured our other daughter during a pregnancy and difficult delivery and was able to hop on a plane at a moment's notice when she needed me (several times) and now I'm caring for my sister who is dying from throat cancer.  We moved her from New Mexico in September and I was just "one of the guys" as far as the work of moving her went but just as important I was able to help her emotionally during a very difficult time for her.  She had to give up a lot, in both posessions and independence.

I'm not a one woman show by any means but the fact that I've been able to stay focused on my family through some difficult days has made me realize even more than I had previously how instrumental our health is to others, not just ourselves.

Treasure your health and nurture it, we never know what the future holds and how much we might be needed by others.  Stay Strong my friends! 

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ironjay37 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Strengthening yourself enabled you to do more for you and others, which was your hearts desire,wow. Thank you so much for sharing this, your story is a gift, truly.
Zinka61 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:

This is spot-on, Lulu. Taking care of ourselves is not selfish, but a responsibility we have to others as well as ourselves. Another though, after daughter and I struggled to help my elderly and overweight mother in the bathroom a number of times yesterday, with our toilet lower than that in her nursing home and other problems. My daughter commented that during this she was imagining her having to do this for me some day...and that's what I was imagining, too! Another reason to stay as strong and able and normal weight as possible as we age...
luluinca schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Thanks Jay, and Sue, you're so right! I'd prefer not to be a burden to others and even though I know you're helping your mother because you love her, I much prefer my independence and hope to maintain it and I'm sure you would as well!
AnnofB schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
What a wonderful, powerful message. Thanks for sharing, Lulu.
BobbieInCA schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
You have been an inspiration, Lulu. It would be easier to say.."OK, I'm old now," and veg out in front of the TV, but I need to be strong and alert to help Clyde through the upcoming shoulder replacement surgery and to live the long and healthy life with him that I promised both of us.
Let's keep Staying Strong together!
The_Movie_Chair schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
What a beautiful message to all of us who are not always as healthy as we wish to be. I am fighting my own battles and face my own demons and while I am not as strong as you are, I am getting stronger and -as much as I hate to admit it -more stubborn as well.

luluinca schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Movie_Chair, on this journey, stubborn is one of our best personality traits!!!

Thanks Bobbie and Ann!
AndreaOmYoga schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Love your words Lulu. Very true and we dont realise a lot of this until we are sick or unable to go about out daily things that we take for granted! The habits are very easy to set and then get engrained in.
Funtimefranky schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
Thank you for sharing your message.

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