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Don't Be A Quitter!

It's the time of year for new friends, new goals, resolutions (hmmmm don't set yourself up for failure though), and a promise to yourself to improve your health and fitness!

I read so many posts from men and women this time of year who want to begin again and I have to wonder.............why did they stop?  There are so many MFP community posts that begin with.........."Starting Over", "Back Again", "WTF Happened?", you get my drift.  

Here's the thing......this app is so easy to use, so easy to simply check in each day, keep tabs on your friends, be inspired by the big losers (as in weight), the big gainers (as in muscle), there's really no reason to leave and begin again!  

You can just open the App, look around and then leave...........but check in again tomorrow!  You don't have to log food or exercise to keep a great string of days going and you never know who is waiting around the corner to inspire you!

Check out the success stories if you need motivation and check out the blogs if you need to be reminded that you're not alone in the journey!

My wish for all of you, friends and future friends, is for you to be healthy and keep putting one foot in front of the other!  Those steps forward will add up!  

Happy New Year and may 2018 be the year you realize your potential!! 

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Anonymous schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
So well said. Unfortunately both you and I will give new mfp members a chance with support and encouragement, but sadly most will fail in less than a month. You won't see me in community crying that I am starting over.
luluinca schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
So true Anonymous but I remain hopeful! I used to sign up for the mentor group but generally was disappointed. There are always a few who succeed though so that's where I place my hope!!
DrummerGavin schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Even though it’s only a few that succeed it’s still better than none. Those few people may have seen a photo, or a success story or best yet, another persons struggles and related to it and that was enough to get them over the hump. Then they take their knowledge and it’s exponential to their friends, family, coworkers, etc. Just changing one persons life is worth it. Great job.
brandiuntz schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Part of the problem is mindset. When I've gotten off track and gained some weight, I never think of it as "starting over". I never stopped...just didn't follow through sometimes.

The hardest change is the attitude towards getting healthy. People take a long time to accept that it really has to be a lifestyle change. You can't go back to old habits to see different results.

Happy New Year!
mcwilson0702 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Happy New Year!

Brandiuntz - well said.

Those that want to lead a healthy life style and therefore become healthy understand that it does not happen overnight. There is no magic pill, shake or food that will transform you overnight.

It is a mindset and an agreement you make with yourself. Will you always eat the right food and stay active as needed; probably not. But, that is okay as you remind yourself of the wonderful outcome of having a healthy lifestyle.

I believe more people jump on the band wagon and say they are going to be healthy because that is whatever everyone else is saying. Then, they let other things in life side track them because they are more important. What is more important than your health?
BobbieInCA schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
It took me half my lifetime ago (almost 40 years) to wake up to these facts, but I'm so glad that I did!
kdbulger schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
This is so true! I'm happy to say I didn't lose (all) my momentum through December. I kept my streak and logged some food most days, as well as kept up with my work outs as best I could through illness. I'm glad December ended in a net loss and now I can refocus and continue without beating myself up.
RaeBeeBaby schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Great blog! I've wondered the same thing about all the "starting over" and "back again" posts. Sometimes it takes a health scare or losing a loved one to a preventable illness or disease to wake people up. Sometimes it's just that a person reaches that point where They get sick and tired and decide it's time for a change. I think that turning point comes differently for everyone, but whatever the catalyst for change being here on MFP is a great place to start! (Or start again!!)
RetiredAndLovingIt schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Great blog. I decided after having 6 months of slacking exercise & slight gaining, that I would just try to maintain for Dec & start trying harder in Jan. I still weighed my food whenever I could & logged, even when over my calories. Don't really consider this as "starting over".
luluinca schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Thanks for all the great comments everyone! I certainly don't consider maintaining and checking into MFP daily and then getting back to reality when you're ready as quitting or starting over. I think there's a difference between that and leaving this space for 6 months to a year and giving up either or both, tracking or exercise, and gaining the weight we've lost back and then some. That seems to be the theme of most of these "starting over" posts.

It seems to me that everyone who's commented here has a commitment to better health and fitness..........keep up the good work. I'm almost 4.5 years into this and it's truly a lifestyle for me at this point! Thank goodness!!!
made247365 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
absolutely true! the myfit app has made it soooo simple to keep track of my progress. The number one thing i've learned is to never give up. When i have those thoughts that i don't want to do something. I make it a rule that within 5 seconds I do it. Only way I have found that I will get it done. And recently I started using a great new drink to help keep my appetite in check...
Wysewoman53 schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
I got off track during the holidays from Thanksgiving thru New Year's. I knew I was off track and for some reason, knowing it was not in my own best interest, couldn't seem to get back to where I know I have to stay to maintain my weight. I ate whatever I wanted, drank whatever I wanted and knew I was behaving like a spoiled child...I didn't care and no matter where I looked, I couldn't find the motivation to stop acting like one.

When I got on the scales on Jan. 2nd, I saw that I had gained 13.6 pounds over my goal weight. Starting that day, I 'was back' as in back into my usual way of eating, drinking, exercising. I have been on MFP for just a little over two years, checking in every day but not logging during the holiday season and even before then. Since the 2nd, I have lost 5 of the 13.6 lbs I have to lose as of this morning.

I did not feel good during my temper tantrum, I was tired, cranky and depressed. Most of all, I was mad at myself because I knew what I was doing was not who I had worked so hard to become with my lifestyle change.

So, yes, "I am back." I am back to doing what I know is necessary to keeping myself healthy and happy. It was a lesson I needed to learn. I wonder if others who have come back also realize that never giving up is better than just quitting altogether, never coming back, and being disappointed that they didn't keep trying, no matter how many times it takes to start over. What's that old saying? "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" is a good one for me to remember...always.
Wysewoman53 schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
Another quote I live by, almost religiously, is "Not all who wander are lost" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
luluinca schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
Wysewoman53, I applaud you for not giving up and I certainly don't consider you a quitter. You stayed, you logged, you knew you were making mistakes and you got on the scale and faced the music. That's not quitting, that's a detour and we all have them.

The new year here is literally littered with posts from people who were here, left for months or years and finally wandered back in. I applaud them too, they're back and have another chance to reach their goals. But seriously, some of them will leave again and we'll never know if they were able to reach their goals. The world is full of people who have lost weight and then gained it all back and then some. What is the percentage of permanent weight loss success? All this does is prove to me how difficult it really is.

I guess my point is that staying in touch with people here, reading the success stories and blogs, and staying connected to people with similar goals is better than quitting (leaving). If we're logging in, tracking food and exercise, we seem to have a better shot at success, and in the grand scheme of our health it's not that difficult! You did it!
Marjayhan schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
Well for me, i stopped as I entered yet another bout of depression and didn't care enough about myself to continue. I have pressed the restart button, and it's ok for people to have these lapses and come back whenever they feel right, when they are ready to, and not to feel pressured by other people to do so. This year, with my whatever times comeback this is (lol) I decided to focus less on weight gain and more on health :) It just wasn't working the other way, obsessing with the weight I had gained all the time cos all that did was make me hate myself. So this will be a genuine attempt to make only healthy choices and if i lose weight in the process great, and if i don't , well I'm just gonna have to accept it and know that I did all i could to do so :)
mk2fit schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
I think that if you want it, you will reach it. Baby steps. Don't freak out that it may take a year to reach your goal. The time will pass nonetheless. I stuck with my goal, reached it and have kept the promise to myself for over two years. Never going back. Thanks, lulu, for your inspiration!
luluinca schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
Thanks mk2fit, you've done a great job and much better than me, truth be told, it's taken me over 4 years and I'm still not where I want to be!!! But I haven't stopped logging, stopped exercising or stopped trying!
Wysewoman53 schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
Sometimes, I really wish we had 'like/love' buttons on this thing. Lol!

I understand better now what you were trying to say, luluinca.

I guess, when it comes right down to it, I don't understand how people could work so hard to get weight off...sometimes a lot of weight...and then go back to old habits, old lifestyles and getting back up to where they were or as you said "and then some" either. :)
DEBOO7 schrieb vor 6 Monaten:
I'm not an expert... but I've been on my health, life, weight-loss journey for nearly 4 years.
What I've seen is that people start with a hiss and a roar and make bold changes that are not sustainable, get discouraged and give up.
There was a post recently and a person said 'everything has failed for me so I'm going to give the keto diet a go'. I asked a question - what made you fail with all the other attempts? If you don't understand that then the nothing changes and the outcome is likely to be the same.

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