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An Ocean of Chocolates

Saturday after Valentine's Day, my husband came home and presented me a bag of marked down candy. He is a bargain hunter through and through, he can't help it. There were times in our life when money was tight, and we both will never forget.

His eyes were sparkling when he handed me a sizeable, heart-shaped tin full of chocolates I love so much. "No big deal," I thought, hugged him and watched as he unpacked more of his treasures. "Only 49cents," he triumphantly declared, as he unloaded small boxes of white Strawberry Lindt Truffles on the kitchen counter.

I smiled! I didn't say much, I was sure it wouldn't bother me.

"A serving of two has only 280 calories," I told myself and tried one piece of chocolate and then another...and another. All was lost when I opened the first Strawberry Truffles. "How dare you, Lindt, it should be prohibited by law."

I spent the weekend in chocolate heaven and knowing that I already had screwed up, I didn't pay much attention to the rest of the meals either. I didn't even bother to log my food, the one thing I know I should not do! Just like last year, when I couldn't resist the Easter candy, this time I jumped head forward in an ocean of Valentines' candy.

I lost track of the amount of candy I ate, that's one of the reasons I didn't log and to be honest, I didn't want to see it written down because the number would have crushed my candy party. I didn't want to deal with it, and so I didn't.

On Monday, I confessed to my friends here at MFP. All of them nudged me gently and put my head straight. We all have learned a lot here at MFP and my hardcore friends reminded me of it. 

With their permission, I will share some of their wisdom:

  • You didn't undo your success and your weight loss with just one weekend.
  • You don't  have a "perfect sign on your forehead." You will screw up now and then, it's perfectly normal.
  • Doing the best we can is all we can do.
  • Admitting we are struggling is the first step in the right direction.
  • No halos are perched on our heads; we all have quite dirty splatters from when we each last fell down ourselves, we might not always admit it.
  • We can restart at any time.
  • We are still here holding ourselves accountable.
  • Off days happen, to everyone.. self-guilt is the worst but, we have new days, new goals to look forward to and make a difference.
  • It's not the mistakes we make but how we handle them that is important.
  • Just remember that you KNOW how to do this and do it well!

I have smart friends, and they are right. I didn't undo my success and last weekend didn't throw me back into the abyss. My husband didn't sabotage me, and I didn't sabotage myself either; I just wandered off for a weekend and indulged more than I should have.

Knowledge is power. Certain kinds of candy will be banned from our home until I will find a way to deal with it in a normal way, and if that's not possible, oh well, then it's going to be BYE BYE for good. My world will not shatter if I have to give up certain chocolates and Lindt will not go out of business.

On Tuesday I started CANDY-DETOX, and I am back on track.

Today in the morning Victoria II, gave me a heartfelt middle-finger-salute. Temporarily, two pounds have been glued back onto my hips - I deserve it.

79 lbs lost! Only 61 lbs to go!

Mission Candy Detox is on!

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Gardengal1222 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
That is great advice we all can use from time to time. Great blog one again.
melissarose4 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Good entry about a temptation struggle we all will likely encounter on our road to a healthier version of ourselves.

Great job getting back on track!
teepuppylove schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Love your blog and your honesty. I love walking this journey with you and you inspire me throughout- good times and bad. *hugs* You totally got this!
pizzafruit schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Great blog. When I separated myself from chocolate I believe I was in mourning - I lost my best friend. I don't eat it often but when I do it's almost a spiritual experience. It turns into feeling like it's my last meal and it doesn't end well. Your diving into the chocolate is secondary because your honesty always comes first. Important reminder.
debk0718 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Excellent blog Bridget. You do a wonderful job of expressing yourself and sharing with us. You have received great advice and ways to try and reset your mind. This journey should not just be about weight-loss, this journey should be about your health and how your changes will help. You're doing great. You're not alone in beating yourself up over a choice or two you wish you'd not made. Always remember....You are not alone.
heatherpb01 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
What a great share. I Relate completely! The thing with candy is: for me, I unfortunately can't eat it moderately. I'm impressed that a lot of people can. However it's not in my experience to eat a couple of chocolates, or a scoop of ice cream. I truly can't stop until I've eaten 1-2 pounds of the stuff. And I'm a little lady. Very small. It's not so called 'weakness' either. I'm convinced, after 49 years of trying my hardest , that I'm very sensitive to simple carbohydrates. The sensitivity could also be described as an inability to handle them physically. I can't drink alcohol either, same reason. But when I have eaten/drank things that don't 'agree' with me, I pick myself up and go onwards. You're inspiring and remind me that we're on a journey. We always have a fresh start available.
catherineg3 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Great advice. I've given up sugar, but I still want chocolate. I've gotten very content with eating the very dark chocolate 70% (sugar free) to 90% cacao. Lindt makes a nice variety from 70 up to 90, and pretty easy to find. I'll break off a couple of squares and eat it slowly. It's not sweet, even slightly bitter for the darkest types, so not everyone likes it.
sherry0614 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Oh wow, I read this while mindlessly eating a Mr. Goodbar miniature..... Detoxing as I type this :-(
angelasteele82 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
I can bet that all of us have done this or something similar in our journey to health. I know we are not perfect and sometimes it happens. You are such a motivation to keep going!
SassyCookieMe schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
I agree, your honesty is so refreshing and you know that we all share those thoughts, challenges and yes moments of weakness. The difference is you are honest and willingly face up and accept responsibility. Like I said, we are all only human and all subject to making errors in judgement from time to time. Facing up to those choices and moving forward show real courage and is to be applauded. Stand proud and stay strong, you have achieved much.
hungreeteacher17 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Argggh!! I too have been wooed by the marked down Lindt valentines truffles! I am trying to ration them, but if I fail, when they are gone, they will be gone and I won't buy them full price. So, it's temporary. Thanks for sharing this, good to know I'm not alone!
Davidaw86 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
I find, in order to keep my self control with that sort of thing in control, is to buy a bunch of sandwich bags. Then I put a serving size-ish (depending on calorie count) in each sandwich bag and limit myself to one baggy a day. It's not necessarily the fun way (aka just stuffing your face full of delicious goodness), but it helps keep your intake down. Not saying it'll work for you, but it's an idea you can use.

Btw, your diary entries have been a major source of motivation for me, and I find myself wishing the week would hurry along so you'll write a new one.
kjurassic schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Doesn't it just stink that we can't have a "candy party weekend" without consequences?!!! That #&!* Victoria II !!! Loved this....obviously, so many of us can relate. We're human...let's try to do our best and forgive ourselves and move on when we have "slips."
SilverSheWolf55 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
You are still doing awesome, my friend. Your friends have given you some tried and true advice. And, you are doing the right thing by getting back on track. You are my hero and inspiration. :-)

kkimpel schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
YAY Sounds like you are on track!
LeeshaSeal schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
You are an excellent writer. You articulate what many of us are experiencing in such a powerful way. Please keep going!
ggeise14 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Thank you for articulating what most of us feel at some point, whether it's chocolate, candy or pita chips!
danigirl1011 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
This morning i had a chocolate muffin after i was mad the scale didn't move this week. And i know what you mean about logging it and having it kill your party! lol. i cannot stop feeling guilty about it now
texteach66 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
And that is real life. When such binges are extremely infrequent, they're not so harmful. I think even typical eaters do that, they just know how to let it go. For me, it's too easy for such things to throw me off for days, which turn into weeks, which turn into...you get the picture. Logging is my best answer since I'm not really willing to let go of my sweets yet. Logging keeps me honest and aware.
musicsax schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Me too ! I "binged" on chocolate last week, just got totally out of control, was so annoyed and guilty. But a new start and put it behind me.
Well done for your philosophy and getting back at it, you'll soon get rid of those regained pounds.
allaboutthecake schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
*Diamonds* darling...*diamonds*... hehe
(and yes, they have lots sales/bargains for Valentine's day)
zebszee schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
There's just some things I have to ban from my house, chocolate and nuts, otherwise in a weak moment, It is hard to restrain myself to just one or two, alcohol is another, one slip up too many and I am accounting for it for the next week :)
Hoppymom schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
I feel your pain. Candy from my students, candy I bought (yes, it was on sale), and cheese cake for supper on Valentine's Day. For me that triggered more over eating. It's so frustrating that I can't eat one or two pieces and let it go. I have an addict's cravings and an addict's behaviors during a binge. I have a neice that joined Overeaters Anonymous. That seems to have helped her a lot. She is almost too slim now. But she is happy and talks to her sponser daily to stay on track. I have been thinking about trying it. I feel like I need a person that I an call when cravings get to be too much.
RJ2james schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Thank you for sharing your story! I too fell off the wagon over valentine's day. We had a lot going on. I am grateful for the advice you shared from your friends!
MVElf schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Been there, done that. And, am sure will do it again. But, have 6 pounds to go for goal................
MonkeyMagic71 schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
As a fellow choc-o-holic I fully understand.
demuro schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
I can't imagine a life without chocolate...when I quit smoking I carried a pack of cigarettes with me for over a year, that way if I really wanted one they were there.... now I have a box of Andes chocolates in the cupboard...if I have a bad craving it is better to eat some of them than to eat everything else in the house and then go out and buy chocolate ...the next day ( if I am lucky) I will get back to eating healthy and writing it all down. .... but the minute someone's says I can't ever have something, I know I will have it.
barneshall schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
read your blog, just as i was condemning myself for demolishing a bag of chocolate limes and other sugary stuff, compounded the by the mountain of Stilton cheese I ate. I so needed your wisdom, so for now I am back on track,forgiving myself and off to the gym.Thanks so much for sharing it is a great help in rough times.

tracelw schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
Hey, you already lost 79 lbs - that's awesome!

And as everyone's said, we all fall off the wagon sometimes... just so long as we don't stay off it.

Keep going! *shakes pompoms*
Wattyz schrieb vor 7 Monaten:
I always love reading your posts. I have a drawer in my office with an emergency stash of pumpkin spice godiva truffles that were also on clearance. I've had them since before Christmas.

However, I had ramen and a couple of large slices of bread last night. I see PMS is starting to sneak up on me...

Thank you for posting this. I am back on track, and smile reading your post as I eat my eggs and sip my coffee.

Happy Wednesday!

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