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Las Vegas here I come!

Tonight was the beginning of a week that will test my newly made re-commitment.  We hosted a happy hour/pitch-in dinner to celebrate our move to this side of the park.  There was SO much food!  I feel like I chose well and ate small portions.  I did indulge in the special drink that was made (which probably had half of my daily calories in it!!) but I didn't have seconds and I didn't feel over-full when I stopped eating. Both of these are huge accomplishments for me!  I enjoyed the company and didn't even miss the extra food I normally would have consumed.  

Though I am trying very hard not to focus on the scale, I have been steadily dropping pounds this week.  I know it is only water weight but it is still satisfying to see it happen.  But even still I know that I MUST focus on eating to reduce inflammation and accept the lost pouds as a wonderful side effect.  I have felt great this week and I know it is because of my dietary choices. 

The coming week will harbour its challenges as well.  We will be leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow evening which means eating out and pina coladas.  It will be a true test of my choices as well as my determination to track my food.  One bonus is that we're cheap!!  That means there will be no fancy dinners or drinking in the piano bar!  

Obviously this will be my last blog until later this week when I will report in with the results.  I KNOW I can do this!  There are healthy options -- I just have to choose to eat them.  I have to continually remind myself that when I eat well I feel well.  

I already know what giving up feels like.  I want to see what happens if I don't.  

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SassyCookieMe schrieb vor 5 Monaten:
Hang. In there and don't give. You can have fun and make good choices,you've done it before and can do it now. When tempted why not stop at a bite or two. That way you can indulge sensibly and not fill cheated. Whatever happens don't let one slip make you give up. Have fun and make some memories.
IntotheLabyrinth schrieb vor 5 Monaten:
Have fun on your trip! You can do it while traveling. Just keep looking for those better choices (they exist) and when in doubt choose fish. Avoid the cheese, condiments, gravies, and fatter meats.

BTW I think the pounds lost is more then water. When you switch what you consume, it shows pretty immediate results.
PAnn1 schrieb vor 5 Monaten:
Have fun up there! You don't know what giving up feels like because you never really give up!
kjurassic schrieb vor 5 Monaten:
I say enjoy Vegas and all it has to offer! You can get back on track when you return. Vacations/birthdays/holidays happen. Life is too short - eat dessert!!!
LillyAKAChubbyUnicorn6456 schrieb vor 5 Monaten:
It appears we were in Vegas at the same time! I can relate to your "playing but not paying" mindset. I did better than I ever did, there, and managed to come home with a .2 lb loss. I hope the same for you!
Anonymous schrieb vor 5 Monaten:
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themedalist schrieb vor 5 Monaten:
I know you can do it too!

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