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Cold Lake, AB
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"One Week, Day, Hour, Minute, Second at a Time."

About Me:

I've made a major accomplishment going from over 250 lbs to where I am now in the past few years but this past year things have slipped and I am finding myself in a major funk. I know a lot has to do with mental stress I place on myself but I've also fallen off track with my eating more and more. I am working on fixing my issues but I have become too hasty and impatient with myself. I really loved how active I was this time last year and how much I was able to do and I really want that back. I understand that life sometimes gets in your way but I feel that now I'm getting in my own way and I need to find that woman I was and make it more sustainable.

Why I want to get in shape

I want to look and feel really good about myself. I want to have the energy to go all day again and to stop feeling depressed and obsessing over my weight.

My Inspirations

  • I've been there before and know it can be done.
  • I've seen so many success stories and I want to write my own.
  • I want to be proud of the woman I see in the mirror every day of my life.
  • I want to stop driving myself crazy and be fun again.


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