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2014 Workout and Meal Plan

Since I get asked a lot about what I'm eating or what exercises I'm doing to lose weight and get in shape, especially after entering this weight loss competition, I decided to share the plan I'm starting now. I love for finding workout plans that cover both exercises and meals and I found this plan here:

I chose this plan because it most closely matched what I had been doing already while also introducing me to some new exercises I hadn't tried before and some new foods into my meal plan as I was ready for a change.

Workout Routine -

Though Lindsay's plan has two days of rest in a row, I don't like consecutive rest days so I'm making Sunday and Wednesday my rest days though I would like to take some yoga on one of those days so I'm not completely sedentary. I'm also adding in some extra cardio as well.

I've set up my routine as follows:

Monday - 
C25K session for 30 minutes
Back exercises
60 minute Bootcamp class

Tuesday - 
30 minute HIIT on the Stairmaster
Chest/shoulder exercises
15 minutes of stretching

Wednesday - rest day (or Bootcamp class if I feel the need for a workout)

Thursday -
30 minute HIIT on the Stairmaster
Bicep/Tricep exercises
15 minutes of stretching

Friday -
30 minutes of C25K training
Leg exercises
60 minute Bootcamp class

Saturday -
45 minute Spin class
Hiking the trails for an hour or 30 minutes of C25K training

Sunday -
Rest day (and a yoga class)

Meal plan -

I took Lindsay's meal plan which has seven small meals and condensed them into five which fits my day better. I also adjusted a few things to work better with my budget.

Monday through Friday I'll be eating:

7:30 am - post-workout
Dot fit Lean MR shake or Designer Whey French Vanilla powder with water

9 am - breakfast
1 whole hard-boiled egg
3 hard-boiled egg whites
1/2 cup oatmeal
1/4 cup raisins

Noon - lunch
6 oz. chicken breast (sometimes with salsa)
1 small sweet potato

3 pm - snack
1 apple or banana
10 whole unsalted almonds

7 pm - dinner
6 oz. turkey burger (no bun or anything except maybe some ketchup)
2.5 cups of broccoli
1/2 cup 1% low fat or fat free cottage cheese 

My aim is to keep my sodium low, keep my calorie intake between 1300-1400 and make sure I'm getting enough veggies and roughage. I've also bought some baby carrots to munch on at night if I'm still feeling hungry to help avoid snacking on junk.

Saturday and Sunday -

While I have no trouble eating the same thing over and over during the week (I love the routine because I can plan ahead, save money and time, and avoid impulsive purchases), on the weekend I need variety or I'll get frustrated and have a harder time sticking to the weekday routine. So for those days my goal is to simple eat foods I enjoy while sticking to my calorie limits, avoiding too much sodium, and only going over if I first do extra exercise to earn more calories. I also want to avoid eating more than half my exercise calories so that if the app is overestimating calorie burn, I'm still giving myself a buffer.

If you are trying to find a fitness plan that will work for your schedule, lifestyle and personal preferences, I highly recommend checking out to get ideas. Either use their Pick A Plan feature to let them suggest some plans for your goals or take a look at the trainers on their Fitness 360 page ( and check out their routines to see if one of them might work for you. It's free so a perfect option if you can't afford a trainer.

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nettasue35 wrote 52 months ago:
thanks for the info. your plan looks great. i'm a gonna check out the plans again now that i have lost some weight and a bit stronger. thank you.

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