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April 30... A new month is dawning!!

April has been a very challenging month for me!  My kids are very active in sports and especially baseball and are on different teams with one playing travel ball.  I find it very difficult to be 100%.  I only lost 4 pounds this whole month which I kind of look at as a victory, but kind of find myself a little let down.  While I did eat out a lot this month, I look at the victories such as eating kids meals, asking for nutritional menus, bringing my own snacks to games, and walking 24 of the 30 days as things to be very proud of.  I am committed to getting this weight off and it will happen, maybe just a little slower than I anticipated.  I am not willing to give this up!

In May, I am challenging myself to get a daily MInimum of 6 glasses of water.  I find it very hard to get that water in for some reason.  I will exercise 6 days a week, walking 5 of those with increasing speed and incline, and one day of Jillian Michaels.  I am also off of the school weigh in since our competition ended, but I will continue to weigh in on Thursdays.  Without that person I have to stand in front of, I am counting on you guys to keep me accountable too!!  I would like to lose a minimum of 6 pounds this month too!  May will continue to be a challenging month as we have more games, tournaments, and the end of school, but I feel confident I can do my monthly challenge. 

Things I am proud of...(non scale victories)

  • The commitment to exercise I have made and kept up!
  • In January, I started on the treadmill at 2.0 and would get "shin splints" quickly!  I can now walk consistently at 2.8 and sometimes 3.0 and even run for 5 minutes.  I can also walk the incline up to a 10.0 incline. 
  • I have committed to this for 108 days and have only gone over on calories twice!!
  • My clothes fit well and some are even too big!
  • I have learned to eat out and still lose and when I do eat out I am conscious of making good choices
  • I have only gained 1 time in this 108 days and it was only 1 pound
  • I feel physically better already!
  • I no longer dread parking at the ballpark and having to walk to the fields or other places and I can walk without huffing and puffing...
  • I have added MY recipes to the program and have lost while eating my foods
  • I no longer crave sweets and junk food!
  • I can eat foods in moderation knowing I can have more later!
  • I have lost my first 10%


April 21: 100 days and counting!!!!

I am proud to say that today marks my 100th day with My Fitness Pal.  I have officially lost 30 pounds and couldn't be happier!  I have NEVER committed to anything weight loss related this long and with 100%.  I am exercising at least 5 times a week and sometimes more.  I already feel so much healthier, stronger and even happier.  I think I have only gone over my calories once which is a success in itself.

I know I am going to do this!  My mind knows this is coming off and I WILL get to 140 and no longer be considered obese or overweight.  It will take a lot more time to get there, but I will get there.  I can not go back now.  I realize I can eat anywhere and realistically anything I want.  I just have to make the choices, plan and be prepared.  Eating wise, day 100 has been so tasty and filling!  I woke up a little later since it is Saturday and had a delicious pepper, onion, ham and cheese omelet with 2 pieces of wheat toast and strawberry preserves.  For lunch I had homemade chicken salad with fruit and wheat thins and for dinner I am having homemade baked ziti with a mixed green salad loaded with strawberries, mandarin oranges and balsamic vinegarette.  That does NOT sound like a "diet" meal; rather, it sounds like a way of life and a yummy one at that.  I am not eating "diet" food or weird foods that I would never eat "when this is done."  I eat real foods that my family also eats.  Last night I had grilled burgers, but instead of fries I had the good salad again. 

The choices above are what is going to assure my success.  I also give my praises to God who has blessed me with SO much!  I have a wonderfully supportive husband and family, a wonderful church family with friends I treasure, a job I love, a great home and more amenities than I deserve.  This weight has been my struggling force since I was a teen.  I struggled with bulimia and got to the point of starvation and anorexia. I have been a member of Nutri System, Weight Watchers probably 20 times, WW online, Fit for Jesus, another church weight loss, etc etc etc.   I battled through those struggles and praise God no longer suffer from those, but I still have had issues with food that have made me choose fast foods, unhealthy fattening food, too much food that caused bloating and acid reflux etc. etc, etc.  I give all of that to God and pray He will continue to guide me out of this slavery I have faced too many years!

I am proud of my 100 days and look so forward to facing the future with continued losses, continued health, clothes getting too big, belly getting smaller, strength growing etc.  I am 100 days better than I was when I began this journey on January 13 and I look forward to the next 100!!

April 2... Thankful!

I've always heard it takes 30 pounds before people really start to notice.  That seemed like such a lot, but when I was gaining, I was glad it took 30 to notice!!  I was really complimented today by several people at church and ball who noticed my efforts.  I am proud of the commitment I have made to my health and I truly NEVER want to go back! 

 I can truly visualize myself slim and I look forward to going back to the Rec Center, wearing shorts again, and having lots of energy.  I am thankful for this program and the way it helps me get weight off quickly.  That keeps me motivated in itself!  I am also thankful for the people I have met along this journey who continue to push and motivate me!  All of the comments keep me pushing!  I am thankful for wanting to get up each morning to work out and get my day started off right.  Most of all, I am thankful for the continued desire to give praise to God who I know I couldn't fight this battle without! 

Small Choices=Big successes...

This has been an amazing day with choices that is!  Again it is ball season and my son plays travel ball, so I never know about meals, games, etc.  So today we had just enough time to grab a quick bite between games and we chose Dairy Queen.  I selected a kids meal with a cheeseburger and a banana instead of fries.  Now, I love ice cream, but today instead of eating my free kids cone, I gave the coupon to my oldest (who no longer eats a kids meal) and saved myself 180 calories.  Since I always ask for a nutritional guide now, I also helped my middle son realize the chicken basket he wanted had 1370 calories or he could get the kids meal with only 420 calories!  WOW... eating out can get you!!

Then I got home and my sis in law was having some of us over for a campfire and I chose to make my own salad with leftover grilled chicken instead of a hot dog.  I actually had people looking at my salad and saying, "wow, that looks really good".  It was yummy, filling and truly much better than a hot dog I would've eaten in 5 bites.  PLUS, I had enough calories left that I had a square s'more.  This was the first chocolate I had had in awhile and it was GOOD! 

I am proud of the choices I made today.  These choices will enable me to reach my goals and be successful with my mini goals this month!  I am striving to lose 8 more pounds this month which would make my total loss 34 pounds.  I am striving to also exercise everyday in the month of April.  I also want to continue making good choices at the ballgames.  The small changes and choices I make today will lead to big successes in the future!!

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