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March 28... A note to all of my friends on MFP

Hi all,
I hope everyone is being faithful to their commitments!  You are all worth it and I know we have all worked so hard to lose what we have already lost!  Don't ever give up or go back to your old habits.  Those habits made me feel tired, lazy, painful in my back, bloated, refluxed, tight fitting in all of my clothes, and frankly just fat!  While I still need to lose over 100 pounds, I feel so much better already!  I know this is only going to get better, the more I lose! 

I found myself this weekend at my son's ballgames walking around eagerly where last year I welcomed that chair where I could just sit for hours.  I walked the track before his game while he was warming up and last year that would've never happened.  I also no longer sit at home for hours looking at the computer screen playing mindless games and looking at facebook or pinterest.  I want to get up and be active with my kids and NOT be lazy.  I am thankful for these feelings and I NEVER want to go back!!

I also haven't had cravings for sweets at all and that is amazing to me!  I use to crave m&m's, and chocolate and could eat 2 king size in one sitting.  That nauseates me now to think of consuming that!  I really don't crave anything anymore and that is success in itself! 

Yesterday, I took my son to his allergy shot appointment.  Usually, we do this after school, but since we are on spring break we went at lunch time.   There were so many elderly, overweight people who were on canes, walkers, oxygen and had BAGS of pills.  I DO NOT want to be like this as I age, so I have got to stick with this commitment NOW to be healthy LATER!  I want to continue the exercise so my body will be ready to age appropriately.  This was an eye opener for me!

I am thankful for this program and for the support I have had from all of you!  I look forward to our successes and going through this journey with you.  Never give up!!!   We will be the ones on here next January giving support to those who are just beginning!

March 22: Shock to the Body!!!

Well, this week has been pretty normal, but ball season is coming up this weekend and with my youngest playing travel ball, you never know when you are going to eat or where you are going to eat.  This year MUST be different for me!  I have got to plan meals, take snacks and take LOTS of bottles of water.  I can not allow ball to sabotage how hard I have worked! 

With that being said, back to my title:  shock to the body!  I've been watching Biggest Loser off and on, but a couple of weeks ago one of the men told the gals you have to "shock your body" with some new exercise SO last night I did just that!  My body RAN the treadmill a 7.0 grade and trust me, it was shocked!!!!  LOL LOL... Okay, now I only ran 3 minutes, BUT that was 3 minutes more than I have run in 25 years...LOL!!  I certainly have never run uphill too!  Well, this morning I was down 2.8 pounds and have hit my 25 pound mark on my ticker!  I was thrilled!!! 

I still have 109 pounds I would like to lose, but in 70 days I have lost 25 pounds!!!!!  That is so stinkin' exciting to me!  I'm not sure I have ever lost more than 20 pounds at one time... EVER!  I truly feel 100% committed to this lifestyle and I am sure I can do this!  I feel great already and feel stronger and healthier already!  I can only imagine how I will feel when I lose 100 more pounds!! 

  • Goals for the week:
  • Make it through the ballgame weekend and be under my calories and sodium level
  • Next week is spring break and I will eat correctly and exercise each day
  • Drink at least 6 glasses of water daily
  • Try 2 new recipes during Spring Break

March 16...Lesson Learned!! my title says...Lesson Learned!!

This past week was very challenging with taking 25 youth to a church conference last weekend, to ball practice starting and going with 2 boys practicing almost daily,  music lessons etc.  I found that I ate out at least 1 meal everyday this week!  So, I lowered my calories to about 1200-1300 instead of the1460 MFP recommended.  I also exercised so I burned more calories.  SO... I hit a "starvation mode" plateau and lost 0.2 pounds this week.  While it is still a loss, it could've been better if I hadn't tried to cut so many calories.  This won't happen again!  This week I have been planning, exercising daily and getting all of my calories in.  Sometimes I think I am still in control and want to do this faster, yet I must remember I didn't put this on overnight!

A victory for me last weekend was my husband parking the car quite a long distance from the convention center and we had to walk uphill back to the car.  I didn't huff and puff, get leg cramps, scream,  I found I could walk it with no problems.  I know if I can already do these types of things with only 22 pounds gone, the sky will be the limit as I continue to lose!  Praise God!!

March 4...Still motivated...

I just really am loving this MFP app and all of the encouraging friends I have met along the way!  I appreciate all of the motivation and positive comments given by everyone.  This continues to be such an easy thing to follow!  Sometimes I am just amazed by how easy this is.  Why haven't I ever counted calories before???  I've eaten horrible pre-packaged meals from Nutri System, I've counted points multiple times, I have suffered with bulimia and countless other stupid plans, but NEVER have I counted calories.  Losing weight is just a science and math game (I never was good at math though...LOL)

My goals for this week are somewhat a continuation from last week:

  • Get up every day and exercise (I am shooting for walking 45 miles this month)
  • Continue reading Made to Crave at least 3 times this week
  • Get at least 6 glasses of water in per day
  • Find a new recipe and try it

I don't weigh until Thursday, but this morning I hit 21 pounds gone!!  The most I have ever lost at one time is 20 pounds so I am thrilled!!  I am still motivated and pray I will make this a lifestyle change.  It is worth it and so am I!!

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