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Savoring the Senasion

Most of my revalations seem to happen in the grocery store lately. 

So I had my twins and the baby in the grovery cart, it has a little car in the front so the toddlers can pretend they are driving, and then Logan can sit in the seat up top and look around.  Ususally it works great, and they have fun.  Today however, the girls were fighting and biting each other, so they had to be separated.  So KK was moved to the seat next to Logan (it sits two) and Ella was having a grand time in the car alone, honking the horn. 

We had made it all the way through all of the isles and were on the last leg of the store, the bakery and snack section.  The way it is laid out is nicet because if the girls are good and behiave, most of the time there are free cookies at the end, so I let them have one, and they can munch while I check out.  SInce after separating them, they had behaved I decided they could have one.   They squeeled with delight as I handed them each a giant sugar cookie, and Logan continued to eat his fingers, (which he believes are equally yummy).

Now my daughter KK, she is a girl after my own heart.  She chowed on the cookie like it was going to run away from her.  I had barely gotten all of the groceries on the belt when she was done and picking at crumbs on her shirt.  Plus, like myself, she usualy ends up wearing most of it on her somewhere.  Today was in her hair and eyebrows.  I have no idea how she did it.  I couldn't see Ella while we were in the checkout line, but I could see her blonde hair happily bobbing around.  

It took a very long 15 minutes for the lady to check me out, ( some days the check out person is an older lady who, God bless her, is just plain slow, but she is so nice, you can't get mad).  So we all trekked our way out to the car, and I started loading the kids in the van.  I got KK in, and then Logan.  I reached down to get Ella and realized she was still eating.   And not like a last bite or anying. She had over half of that cookie left.  She looked at me, took a bite, smiled, and I watched her close her eyes, and just savor the taste of that cookie.  She kept here eyes closed a minute, and chewed and then opened her eyes and turned the little steering wheel and honked the horn.  She kept chewing for a long time, so I thought I would give her a little more time and unload the groceries.  

By the time I was done, she still had a lot left, and since I don't let the kids eat in the car, I told her I needed to take it.  I thought this would elicit a howl or two , but she smiled and handed it over.  The thing was, she never asked about it again after that.  Not once! 

So I got to thinking, what if instead of gulping my food down, I just savored it, slowly.  Would I eat less?

The answer: YES!

I put 10 M&M's in a bowl and while I was doing dishes, savored them, one at a time, closing my eyes as I ate each one, and noticing all of the flavor and textures.  And guess what?  Where normally I would eat an entire package in one sitting, I only needed the 10!  I felt satisfied.  Amazing!

And to think I had to learn that from my 2 year old daughter.  

Now I have to figure out how to get all the cookie goo out of her ears. She may savor her food, but she still eats a lot like I do.

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