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To begin....

Cookies are the devil. 

You know, I was never an overweight child growing up.  My mom always kept me in line with terms like, "you keep eating like that and you are going to be called two ton Tess.".  Scary right?  I didn't pay it a lot of mind though because I was so activve.  I swam, I rode bikes, and ran around outside all day as a child.  In middle school I was on the synchonized swim team, (don't judge), and still loved to ride my bike.  And in high school, I was so busy, I hardly had time to do ANYTHING, let alone for fat to store up in my body.  I swam, I ran, I was in marching band, drama, orchestra, and other clubs.  I had boyfriends and wayyyyy too much to gossip about.  So eating two brownies and chocolate milk for lunch, IF i ate lunch, was not a big deal. I was a size 8.


Fast forward to college.   I took up the wonderul past time of drinking.  So much fun!  RIght?  But going to class, working a part time job, and that being IT for physical activity was a shock to my system.  It didn't know what to do with the free time.  Plus, let me just say, dining hall was really really good at Ohio University. DESERT every meal!  (which just so happens to be my favorite food group.).  Bump up to size 16


Now, looking a little more plump than intended, I got married to my high school sweetheart in a size 18 dress.  Not proud of the number, but looked pretty anyway. forward a few more years.  A baby boy, a set of twins, and yet another boy in an 8 year span, and I did NOT deny myself when I was pregnant, I an a very chubby size 22.  Chasing toddlers, keeping up with my 8 year old, and waking all night to a baby is difficult for a fit person.  It is very very difficult for a size 22 fluffy girl.  (Though I am fluffy and fabulous!!!)


My decision has been coming.  I have toyed with it for a while now.  I can no longer stand aside and watch myself balloon up to another  size.  I am taking my life in my hands, with humor, and I am going to lose this weight.  I have put it off long enough.  

My goal, lose 80 pounds by next Christmas.  

I will stick to this through thick and thin, and set a good example for my children, and become healthy so I am around to see the great grandchildren.  

But I will leave room for cookies. Because, well, they are the devil.  But they are DELICIOUS!  


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jwalbright wrote 127 months ago:
Tiff you so got this!
loopie77 wrote 127 months ago:
Go Tiff! You can do it! :-)
busybee1361 wrote 127 months ago:
Love it!! Looking forward to many more blogs!!

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