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Reality check

This cannot possibly be right.  I measured again. 

 No this cannot be right.  I get another measuring cup.

Well, gravy IS a liquid, so I will just use a liquid measurer.  


1/2 a cup of sausage gravy is very disappointing to look at in the bowl.  Next to one little biscuit, it is even more sad looking.  I look over at my husband, who gets more calories than I do, and see his heaping (well, it looked heaping compared to mine) bowl of bisciuts and gravy.  No fair.  

So for a snack last night, I go to have a bowl of cereal.  But first, I check on my calories for the day.  I am being good tracking my food.  So I punch it all in.  I am 100 calories over for the day, and I have not had my evening snack. 


My stomach is grumbling, so I have a diet soda.  No good.  Still hungry.  I read my book.  Still hungry.  I go take a shower.  Still hungry. 

So I got myself a bowl, and decided, ONE SERVING OF DRY CEREAL, AND THAT IS IT YOUNG LADY!  I knoew I would be over, but I would make up for it tomorrow.  I didn't know the meals I planned for the week were so calorie heavy.

Serving size of cocoa puffs: 3/4 cup.  I meansure it out.  That can't be right.

I get another meansuring cup.  


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jwalbright wrote 127 months ago:
Being hungary is bad, You dont want to drive into starvation. Have some watermelon, 1 cup of watermelon is only 45 cals and taste is awesome. I would say try to avoid so calorie dense food, Stick with more whole grain and you will feel fuller longer. Keep it up though. You are doing great.
loopie77 wrote 127 months ago:
I love the smart life pop corn - white cheddar - 2 cups - 150 calories - it has a lot of fiber and if you eat one piece at t time it can take a little while to eat.

Also keep lots of chopped veggies in baggies for snacks when you are going over. Cereal has carbs and carbs won't fill you up for long.
busybee1361 wrote 127 months ago:
Tell your husband to get with the plan. It will be a lot easier to plan meals if it's stuff you both eat. Also, there are a lot of great recipes in "Eating for Life" by Bill Phillips. They are easy, filling and healthy. Two nights in a row Josh and I looked at our dinner portions and commented these can't be right, but we measured them very closely. There was a lot of food on our plates. Keep it up! You're doing great!
jwalbright wrote 127 months ago:
EFL is great cook book, Biggest loser has great cook book as well. EFL portions are kinda big for women and kinda small for men. I think theres a note in there some where about that. Go to the Libary get some cookbooks write down the recipes or if your lazy like me take pictures of the pages :) and then retrun the book.

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