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Of Migraines and Cookie Dough

I began the day so good. 

I ate a half of a grapefruit and some scrambled eggs and toast.  But by midmorning, my head was POUNDING.  

I get migraines every once in awhile.  When I was pregnant, they never bothered me.  I didn't get one headache.  That was maybe the ONLY saving grace about pregnancy.  Between the nauseea, the backache, and the preclampsia, I did NOT enjoy being pregnant.  It was not fun.  I was a hot swollen mess.  But no headache.  

So here we are, finally not pregnant after almost 2 years, and I get my first real migraine.  I forgot how completely horrid they are.  It isn't like when I was in college, or even early marriage where I could lounge around, and go to bed and sleep it off.  I have kids, I have church responsibility, and I have friend responsibility.  Most importantly, I had a friend who just came out of surgery who I was in charge of their dinner for last night.  So I whipped up some shephard's pie during the babies nap.  (remember, I have 3 babies. Twins toddlers and a 6 month old).  So looking at the pan of food, I thought, "Well, they have to have dessert for crying out loud, she just had surgery."  So I made a batch of my....(just wiped drool off my chin), chewy chocolate chip cookies.  Ugh.

Now I can blame it on the headache and just needing a little comfort, but in all honesty, I was in that cookie dough like it was crack cocaine.  The batter mades 2 and a half dozen cookies.  I baked a total of two dozen. 

That is right. 


As I write this, I am ashamed to even print it.  But yes.  I did.  Did it help the migraine?  No.  Did it help my disposition.  Yes.  Unfortunately.  

Which brings me to today's revalation.  I am a comfort eater.  There.  I said it.  I eat when I am in pain.  Emotional and physical.  You know how they say that realizing you have a problem is the first step to recovery?  Maybe now I can start to recover from my addiction to easing my pain with wonderful, yummy, sweet cookie dough.  I don't want to be 36 years old, tweeking in an ally somewhere, after my 3rd or 4th bowl of cookie dough, with chocolate chip residue under my nails, and dough on my chin.  I don't want to hit rock bottom, having my stomach pumped because I have salmonella due to the eggs in the dough.  NO.  The addiction stops here.  I am going to find other ways to deal with my pain.  Like say.....Excedrine, or Motrin.  

 I am so realieved to get that off my chest.




PS.  I mean ABSOLUTELY no offense to those who battle real addiction.  Those who battle and succeed in overcoming addiction, you are truely heros in my eyes.  My analagy was for humor only.

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teelynn35 wrote 127 months ago:
I am a comfort eater as well. Your right it's very hard to not turn to food when feeling down, sick, or in pain. It can be done!!! I also used to suffer from migraines. Have you seen a Dr? Or several? There are so many different causes. Mine all stopped when I had a breast reduction. Who knew?? lol I hope you find the cause of yours, and wish you a safe and healthy journey:)
sandown12 wrote 127 months ago:
Hi you sound just like me I had migraines then I fell for my elest I never had another for 11 years until my youngetswas 6 months I start MFP Tuesday got a headache Tuesday night Mirgraine Wednesday Thursday was so bad today its fuzzy..........
Comfort eat thats me too Ive lost and regained every years except 3 pregnant years for 22 years sadly 2010 I lost 4 stone in 8 months and I regained 3 hurt my knee couldnt do zumba depressed turned to food :(
Id liek to be your buddy if youll have me and together we can fight that cookie dough monster as long as you can help my crisps addiction ;) x
arkady_som wrote 127 months ago:
Comfort eating is what kept me "sane" after the death of my parents within 7 months of each other. I've also recognized that I am a comfort eater, and even remember back when I was a child how certain foods just made me feel better about myself.

You recognize the urge, now you really just have to sit back and test yourself. When you have the urge for cookie dough, start asking yourself questions. When you stop answering those questions in a truly logical tone, then you know where exactly your problem lies.

Good luck.
ruleyd wrote 127 months ago:
It is good that you are able to recognize this for two reasons, the one you already realize. The second is that of the health of your young children. It is typical to sooth a crying infant by offering bottle or breast. The nervous system of an infant is not fully developed and pain is just pain, regardless of whether or not it is hunger pain or that they are tired. Mothers who comfort eat will often continue to sooth their toddlers and preschoolers in the same manner. If they cry...give them food. You are at a point where you can prevent this tendency in your children. Work with it..:)
Sweet_Potato wrote 127 months ago:
How were you able to make cookie dough with a migraine? Or had you made it earlier?

When I get a migraine I have no appetite and usually can't lift my head off the pillow to get food even if I wanted it... which I guess is a good thing.
dkalden wrote 127 months ago:
I always struggle most with eating right when I have my headaches....yes I'm 51 and have battled them (less now) since 20! It is like all diets or eating well goes out the window when I have a headache. I'm really starting to try to take better control of this and reading this has helped...for many years I didn't even recognize I did it!!
Enigmatica wrote 127 months ago:
You have my sympathy. I've battled with migraines for decades - sometime 4-5 of them per month. Horrible. I still get one now and then from hormonal shifts, but it turned out about 90% of mine were triggered by gluten intolerance. Getting the gluten out of my diet has cut the migraines drastically. Wish I'd known sooner!
akmett wrote 127 months ago:
Good for you for sharing!
Unfortuneately I have been there too. I'm a 36 year old mom of 8 year old triplets and an almost 5 year old. Trust me, I have been there. The interesting thing is that I also suffer from migraines (and turn to comfort food) and they also "left" me during both pregnancies. Glad for you that you were able to admit this and get it off your chest. Good luck on the rest of your weight loss journey - you can do it.
Thanks also to Enigmatica for sharing about the gluten - something I will need to look into. Since I am already tracking what I eat on here I am going to start jotting down when I get headaches and hopefully be able to make a connection.
SusanDoesIt wrote 127 months ago:
I do understand that food isn't viewed as a physical addiction, but as many of us here know, it's a very strong psychological one, one that is extremely hard to overcome. Don't let this sidetrack you too badly; you can get past it! My time of month always has me running for the sweet stuff, but in the end, I think I'm going to end up homeless outside a pizza parlor, begging for a "fix" of someone's crust...sigh. I can't eat just one slice of pizza.
slk1954 wrote 127 months ago:
I just want to say that all you girls ROCK!!! Reading the way you live your lives with children (a lot of them in some cases, I dare say) and daily stresses and still to find the time to throw in some humor is simply amazing. Without the humor of it all, we would all have thrown ourselves off that bridge a long time ago. Keep on ROCKING girls!! You are all an inspiration.
Anonymous wrote 37 months ago:
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Anonymous wrote 25 months ago:
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Anonymous wrote 25 months ago:
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