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No Pain, No Gain

I am way too hungry for that scale to say what it does, but sure enough, in 2 weeks, I have not lost ONE pound. 

The good news is, I have not gained either.  But it is frustrating at best.  So talking to my husband who aslo doubles as my accountability partner, (may I add here, this is NOT for the weak of heart.or marriages for that matter.  Husbands have the ability to see through your crap and call you on it.) we came to the conclusion that we need to be more intentional about exercise.  

Now, my best friend who lives in Wisconson, is my exercise idol.  She sets acheivable goals, acheives them,  and does so with discipline and determination.   She is a runner.  I love her. 

I hate running.  So that is NOT going to happen for me.

My favorite exercise is swimming.  I was on the swim team in high school.  I was the worst on the team, but my coach LOVED me, (God rest his soul), because I loved to swim and was always joyful to be there.  BUT if any of you read my last post, you will see, with the cost of feeding my family, we don't have a whole lot of extra cash to spend on the gym, even if it is the community rec center.  

So what is a fluffy girl to do???  

I will tell you!  

We have the XBox Kinnect.  And tonight, I worked up one heck of a sweat playing Dance Central 2.  I did if for 30 minutes and by the tmie I was done, I was sweating, out of breath and already getting sore.  It was great.  AND it was fun.  That is the key.  Fun.  So because of that, I may just do it again tomorrow.  

I do wish however they would take the camera off during the freestyle portion.  I really don't need to see what I look like trying to be Britney Spears in Toxic.  Not pretty.  Not pretty at all.  

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