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Just sitting eating bon bons.....oh,wait that was a dream I had.

I have come to find out that trying to do a blog while your child is home from school for a 5 day weekend is not at all possible.  Every time I would begin, I would hear, "mom...I am bored."  "Mom, will you play Wii and get me past this level?"  "mom can you drive me to so-an-so's house?"  So I have resigned myself to a blog that is only on school days.  Time for me does not exist in an 8 year old's world. 

 Time for myself actually doesn't really exist at all anymore.  With 4 kids, and expecially with 3 of them being under the age of 2, nothing at all is sacred.  I find myself in the bathroom, with two toddlers coming in and out, opening an closing the bathroom door, because, hey, how fun is that??  My 8 year old running in thrusting a handfull of Lego peices under my nose saying "Can you fix this?", and hearing my now rolling 5 month old screarm from the other room because he has rolled into our cabinet and can't figure out how to roll in the other direction.  All of this is before I have even peed.  

 When I do manage to find time to sit down on the couch and put up my feet (generally about 9pm), my husband is usually wanting some kind of attention, be it affection or wanting me to help with one thing or another.  I sigh and get up, because that is your job as a stay home mom.  Help ALL the kids, even the big adult ones apparently.  Then I sit back down, and I am not kidding, EVERY TIME, the dog then comes and lays his head on my lap becaue he wants to go out.   I swear it is payback for all those times I chase him away from the twins high chairs so they will eat and stop throwing food at him.  He COULD have let me know while I was doing anything else but sitting down, but NO, he waits.  He has a vendetta.  "Think you can chase me away from falling meatloaf....hahaha.  I'll show you!"  

 I guess that is why I am enjoying the diet and blog so much.  It is one way I can work on me, even in the midst of all the other chaos. Trust me, there is a lot of chaos.  But mostly it is happy chaos, and one I wouldn't trade for the world.

 It is also why I am addicted to going to church lately.  Two words....FREE BABYSITTING!!!!

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cabrnet7 wrote 127 months ago:
And don't forget the "needs" of the extended family... You go girl!
loopie77 wrote 127 months ago:
yea what about us? :-) You are doing great T! Hard to do with a 24/7 job but you are. xo!

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