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Me In Action!! (vids)

Anyone know how to embed these? 

Disclaimer: I do NOT claim to have perfect form. I'm learning just like everyone else and doing the best I can.  

Sumo Deadlifts 199 x 8  --a little shaky but I pulled through ;)

Box Squats 133 x 10

DB Shoulder press with 45's


DB inclined bench with the 50's

Good Mornings

Barbell Bicep curls

Reverse-grip Cable Lat Pulls

Plate-load Row Machine

Stiff-legged Deadlifts 



The Cut Has Commenced!

So my cut started 5 weeks and 3 days ago. I am down 10lbs total and weighing in at 143lbs. I am eating 1800-1900 calories a day. My training has remained a push/pull/legs split with 4 training days per week. I am doing cardio 4 days/wk also... either a 1hr Zumba class or 35-45 min on a cardio machine (stepmill or elliptical). 

Here is a back comparison picture. This is after 2 YEARS of progress. In the picture on the right I had been cutting for 2 weeks and was down 6lbs (mostly fluid).

Here are a few pics at 145lbs...


This is my most recent picture from about a week ago...


Just for kicks... some new workout pants I got a couple of weeks ago. My bum is still big (and I hope it retains some of that size in the cut!)


That's all I got for pictures for now. I'll take more along the way of my progress!!

 In the next post I will attempt to share some vids of me actually lifting in the gym!  

End-of-Bulk Pictures

Wow! I haven't updated this blog in forever. I think it's time I do that! :)

So I bulked up to 153lbs giving me a total of 28lbs gained in 7 months. It's a little more than I intended to gain but I'm certain I'm holding a LOT of fluid so we shall see! Here are the official end-of-bulk pictures....




This was back in February. I went to Disney for a week after I took these then I started cutting on February 18th, the Monday after I got back!

 Stay tuned for cutting progress in the next post!  

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