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Saucy Self-portraits ;)

Here are some to start... I'll be adding more as I edit them!

Hey yall...

Wow it's been so long since I've been active here on MFP! I know I'm not around here much but I've got this blog that I've chronicled so much of my journey on that I feel like it's a part of me... and I need to update it! So much has changed since the beginning! It's interesting to go back and read... even for me! Anyhoo... here is where I am right now...

Another year has gone by and I turned 36 on Tuesday (September 25). Here is the official birthday picture. 

Right now I am officially bulking with the intent to put on some more muscle mass during the winter months. I'm not tracking right now I'm just eating what I have been all along and adding in extra calories here and there. As for my training, I am still loosely following the PHAT template. Yes it is hard and it's high volume but I like it. I am of the mindset that with the body type I have (easy to lose fat, hard to gain muscle) I will see more progress in training each muscle group twice per week. That's my theory anyway and I will be testing it out over the course of this bulk. Last year's bulk was an overall success but I feel I made the most progress in my lower body... which I trained consistently biweekly. We'll see  how it goes. I am planning to take pictures and post progress along the way. 
So, since I've gotten more lax with my diet I've been indulging here and there in some tasty treats that I usually don't touch! For my birthday I had, of course, cake!  The week before that... cookies! While I usually wanna kick myself after cheats like this... they certainly are good for muscle fullness. Here is a shot of me 24 hours after the cookies... swole up! LOL
P.S. I've done another self-portait session and I have some fun pictures to post real soon! Stay tuned!
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