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Yikes... 1 week of sheer gluttony!

Haha... uhm yeah... I ate a LOT of food on my cruise. My new favorite dessert is called chocolate melting cake... and I ate it every single night after dinner with a side of cookies and brownies. I indulged myself for the entire week and ate everything my heart desired. The result...??? A 6.5lb gain on the scale!!! I'm not sure how much of that is fat/fluid/glycogen but it's all good. I got on the boat super lean and fairly flat-chested and now I'm filling up my bra's better. My bum looks plumper too... so I'm ok with the gain! LOL I'm going to go back to my cutting diet for 4 more weeks then start bulk #2 in August. I'm looking forward to making some strength/mass gains this coming fall. :)

Here are some pictures from today...


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