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My first figure competition... pics and thoughts...

So Saturday was my first ever figure competition. I entered two different divisions --figure open (all ages) which was divided into two categories... tall and short (I was in the tall)... and master's figure which is for women over 35. I got 3rd place in figure tall and 3rd place in the master's. I took home TWO trophies! I was thrilled to have placed at all so this was an exciting night for me.

The competition has two parts... the pre-judging which was at 9:00am and the evening show at 6:00pm. The pre-judging is where they determine the winners and the evening show is where they award the trophies. These were taken in our motel room after the pre-judging and before the night show...


When I got there the evening before I had to register and get measured for height. I also paid to have my spray tan done there at the show. This was done the night before and you couldn't take a bath or get wet. My makeup appointment was for 4:00am the next morning. The makeup artist did an exceptional job! After that we went to eat pancakes at IHOP and then I came back and did my own hair. Then it was time for the stage!

I was TERRIFIED up there... shaking like a leaf when I was doing my turns and poses. I was told after that I looked really relaxed so I must be a pretty good actress! LOL. Over all the experience was fun and exhilarating! I met some other competitors there who were just lovely people and I enjoyed talking to them in our waiting room off stage. 

So, overall it was a wonderful experience and I am definitely considering doing it again! The women that placed higher than me definitely had more muscle mass. My goal for now is to do a few more bulk/cut cycles before competing again. I was planning to do that anyway regardless if I ever hit the stage again or not. I don't know if I will compete again next year or in 2-3 years... I suppose it will just be whenever I feel ready!

For now, I'm going to try and maintain this level of leanness for a few more weeks... probably till the end of the summer. I will start bulking again in August! When I figure out what I'm going to do for my bulking routine I will post it here just to share.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I'm very appreciative of your support! The journey continues...

... a new suit

We're going on a cruise this year for our family vacation... I got a new suit! Yes the print is kinda weird, but I liked the fit so I got it anyway. It was 50% off at Victoria Secret!

This was take the week of my show btw... 

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