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So I did some posing practice up at my gym yesterday... had a friend snap this...

My legs have FINALLY leaned out enough that I feel comfortable with them... just in time too!
.... and when I got home... my suit was there!!! It came in the mail yesterday!
I love the suit... it's perfect! I'm getting really excited. I just need to hang in there and not mess up for a few more weeks! Woot woot!

Told ya I was a gym animal ;)

A new workout top... I couldn't resist!

So here's a status update on me. The competiton is 3 weeks from tomorrow and I'm in extreme-diet-and-training mode. I started Monday with cutting carbs. I was eating 150-200g/day before and dropped down to >100g. It sucks. My enegy is in the toilet and I've really had to dig deep to do my training. I keep telling myself to hang in there... it's just a few more weeks. I have ordered my suit and started tanning. I will post suit pictures when I get it. My upper body is already there but I'm still holding on to some stubborn fat in my legs. I'm hoping the tanning will hide whatever dimples are there. Thanks everyone for all your support and encouragement! 

If you are considering a bulk... DO IT!


I whipped up this comparison shot and I just had to share it. What a difference a year can make!

Seriously ladies (and dudes)... I know GAINING weight is a scary prospect but it's the only way to build an appreciable amount of muscle.  Yes you will gain fat, but the fat comes off. I am stronger now than ever and thrilled with this progress!
I'll be bulking again in August. My goal is to gain more mass in my delts, lats, hams, and glutes. If you wanna join me in adding some mass... let me know... we should start a group! :)

Still truckin' along... progress pics!

So I'm on the fence about the competition. I'm not sure if I'm going to do it or not. It's 6 weeks away and I still have some thigh fat that needs to go. I recently purchased a book by Lyle McDonald called The Stubborn Fat Solution that was very eye-opening for me. It was actually pretty complicated and dug pretty deep into all the physiology of fat loss. It was written for those who are already very lean but still had that last little bit of body fat that just refuses to go away. It provided some great protocols that I've incorporated into my training. If you are interested...

So, regardless if I make it to the stage or not, I am still going to continue cutting and looking forward to a beach vacation! Comparing these to my pictures from last year, I think I made some decent gains in my quads on my bulk. I wish there would have been more improvement to my hamstrings, delts, and lats though.



Stay motivated everyone!!! xoxoxox
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