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Picture update... because you asked :)

Guess what... bulking works!!! Here's picture proof... 

I'm close to the same weight in these two photos but with a different body composition... more muscle baby!!!! Building muscle mass is not easy... you've got to train hard, eat right, sleep well, be consistent, and do all that knowing it will be likely be quite a while before you see real results. I was actually feeling discouraged about my training tonight... until I saw these pictures next to each other. Right now I feel a bit fluffy... my tummy is no longer flat... my thighs feel jiggly... and my cellulite has made a comeback. I'm not giving up though. I will see this through! I know when it's time to cut the fat it will come off fairly easily. Last week I was exhausted and ended up taking off 4 days in a row from the gym... my longest break in many many months. I skipped my hardest workout... leg day #2. For those 4 days I ate around 1800 cal/day and just rested. At the end of those four days I had dropped 1.5lbs (of fluid), my muscles felt hard as rocks, and I looked slimmer than I had in a long time. People kept asking if I had lost weight... when really it was just the fluid that I'd lost. If you weren't aware... training hard and eating more (carbs especially) often causes fluid retention. So... I forge on... hoping I'm not a total fatty by time Christmas rolls around!

 ... and on a completely unrelated note...  my hair has grown some too... Yay!

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