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Everyday choices...

The last two days I've attended two different get-togethers with friends. I was, of course, bombarded with many yummy tempting food options on both occasions. The old me would have dove in and begun indulging without abandon. I've got a wicked sweet tooth. I was the girl who used to go back for seconds at the dessert table. Looking at oatmeal cookies and turtle cheese cake without so much as taking a taste... ugh. This healthy thing is friggen HARD. It didn't help that there were also "friends" who thought it amusing to rag me about it incessantly. "You are wasting away.... C'mon... one cookie isn't gonna kill ya... blah blah blah..."

Yes.... it was impossible to hide the fact that I was the only one who brought their own food as I sat at the crowded table chopping up chicken breast while everyone else ate pizza. It's moments like these that I ask myself the question... Why am I doing this? Do the benefits I gain from this lifestyle outweigh the sacrifices I'm making? When I'm in the gym doing my thing... it's easy to say it's worth it. But when I'm watching my friends enjoying themselves and I sorta feel like an outsider... that's when I wonder if I'd just be happier eating whatever I wanted. Am I the only one that struggles with this???

So... after reflecting upon all these things, I had a few thoughts to share. First let me answer my own questions...

Why am I doing this?? Because I was absolutely miserable before I made the change. I remember that sadness, standing in front of the mirror and just feeling disgusted. I don't want to go back there.

Do the benefits outweigh the sacrifices? Yes they do. I'm stronger and so much more confident. I have the body I've always wanted. 

The one profound conclusion I came to through my experiences this week... it really is the EVERYDAY CHOICES that determine whether or not you will reach your goals or maintain your progress. I used to use every single occasion I could to indulge in yummy foods...

It's ________'s birthday.... let's have cake!

_________ is in town to visit... let's have a 7-course meal!

I got a promotion... bust out the bubbly!

Our baby took his first steps today.... let's bake cookies!!

The ________ family is coming over for dinner... peach cobbler for everyone!

________ made the principal's list... let's go for ice cream!

I'm not saying these aren't great reasons to celebrate or that it isn't ok to indulge once in a while. It's true... one weekly cheat meal isn't going to undo a whole week's worth of clean eating. I'm just saying... I have to PLAN when I'm going to allow myself an opportunity to indulge and it can't be several days/week. These thoughts were brought on by the following conversation...

Friend: So you don't ever eat sweets? ... Ever?

Me:  Oh yeah... of course I do. I just choose to reserve "cheating" for special occasions. I ate lots of yummy foods for Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and at my sister-in-laws rehearsal and wedding not long ago. 

Friend: So I guess "Wednesday" doesn't qualify as a special occasion... ??? (said sarcastically of course)

Me: LOL... nope... sorry... nothing special about Wednesday. It's just a regular day. And tomorrow when I go to ________'s house will be a Thursday like every other Thursday. Just because there will all sorts of yummy foods available does not make it a special occasion.

  ... this change in my thinking has made the difference in me wearing a size 8/10 verses a size 2!

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