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Yikes... 1 week of sheer gluttony!

Haha... uhm yeah... I ate a LOT of food on my cruise. My new favorite dessert is called chocolate melting cake... and I ate it every single night after dinner with a side of cookies and brownies. I indulged myself for the entire week and ate everything my heart desired. The result...??? A 6.5lb gain on the scale!!! I'm not sure how much of that is fat/fluid/glycogen but it's all good. I got on the boat super lean and fairly flat-chested and now I'm filling up my bra's better. My bum looks plumper too... so I'm ok with the gain! LOL I'm going to go back to my cutting diet for 4 more weeks then start bulk #2 in August. I'm looking forward to making some strength/mass gains this coming fall. :)

Here are some pictures from today...


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sarah44254 wrote 120 months ago:
You mold your body into such amazing shapes. You are so fantastic. :)
krissagray wrote 120 months ago:
You look amazing! I am so inspired by you! (you may have a stalker. Just kidding. :) Your body is my goal though. I also did the stepmill today and thought of you. I was wondering if you could tell me how many steps per minute you average. My stepmill goes to level 20. I know yours goes by 100+. I just wanna challenge myself to get where you are on that thing! I was sweating like a mad woman for 40 minutes today as my second cardio workout. I love that thing. I used to do it a lot and kinda got out of the habit. After reading your blog, I am now reinspired to use it. I averaged 99 steps per minute and climbed around 70 floors in 10 minutes, I believe. Repeated 4 x. I know I am not as fast as you because it was onlu 1.4 miles in 10 minutes and you do something CRAZY like 5.6 miles in 35 minutes. You are a BEAST! :)

The chocolate melting cake did your body well. :)
Denjo060 wrote 120 months ago:
nice job on vacation I wish i could do that good It looks really good on you what ever you are dong keep it up girl you look amazing
stephanielynn76 wrote 120 months ago:
@krissagray ... thanks girl! You are too sweet! ;) You know I'm not sure about how many steps per minute I'm doing these days. I'll have to make a note of it and get back to you. I don't do it as intensely as I did last summer though. I think I was burning out my muscle doing to much of it then. Today I did 45 min on level 90. On my machine that's not crazy fast. I did 5 min normal, 10 min every-other-step, 10 min sideways to left then to right, then 10 more min of every-other-step. After that I did 15 on another less-intense machine for a total of 1 hour of cardio...
zumbamama80 wrote 120 months ago:
OMG look AWESOME ....I want to look like you do!! So jealous! (no but really your in excellent shape girl)Sounds like you had great vacation! What type of exercise are you doing, like cardio or strength (or all). It seems like I do hours of cardio and still no weight loss! (Doesnt help that I fell of the band wagon a few times and started DAY ONE but really, your body shape is my goal! You must be proud! PS CUTE SHOES!
zumbamama80 wrote 120 months ago:
OK...sorry I just noticed all your blogs on the side where it answered most of the questions I just
momto1g1b wrote 120 months ago:
You look awesome, and your week off sounds like it was heaven!

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