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Progress report...

So here I am... several months in to my bulk (started officially in August) and I'm up a whole 20lbs! As you can see I'm thickening up everywhere... it's part of the process! While outgrowing my clothes is a little disconcerting, the progress I'm making in the weighroom has been worth it! I'm currently 145lbs. Can you believe? I started this journey at a "fat" 140lbs and have now pushed past that on the scale... and look BETTER! Picture proof:



So, that brings me to another issue I want to touch on... overtraining. If you follow my blog you know I've been using the PHAT training template which is very high in volume. While I have made great gains on it, I've also struggled with recovery. The heavier I lift, the harder it is for me to keep up with so many exercises and days in the gym. While my muscles seem to be repairing fairly well, my CNS (central nervous system) is struggling to keep up. Upon the advice of my coach I've decided to switch over to something else that is intense but lower in volume. This new training template is based on the DoggCrapp (DC)  training principles. See here:

Starting next week I will run this new program for a at least 8 weeks and re-evalutate. I will be training 4 days per week and rotating through 3 different workouts diviided as push/pull/legs. I am excited to try something new and further challenge myself. I'll update here with my thoughts and progress.  

Now...  the holidays are here people... eat up!  :P

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Yanicka1 wrote 116 months ago:
You are incredible. I gained 10 pounds in 2 months and I am done with this bulk. Now to see if I gained any muscle mass under all the fat. I might do another bulk this winter.
IntoTheSky wrote 116 months ago:
You look SO great!
Bridget28152723 wrote 116 months ago:
you look they way id like to look! I gained 19 lbs.(somewhere between May and NOv) and I found this out while bulking for 1.5 months= so my bulk is over and Im eating at a deficit and hopw to cut fat, I think half of my gain is muscle so Im not totally bummed, it was a graceful 19lb , I guess!Thanks for these blogs!
DixiedoesMFP wrote 116 months ago:
Love your workout gear too!
LuluProteinFueled wrote 116 months ago:
You look AMAZING. Love reading about your progress :)
moxette wrote 116 months ago:
You have totally inspired me over the last several weeks. I did a 6 week bulk with the T Nation Superhero program. I start my 4 week cut on Monday after Thanksgiving. I look at it as a sort of mini bulk and mini cut but I needed a test run first to have the confidence to do a full fledged bulk in the future.
I was finding that at 35 years old I was watching my metabolism slow even with 4-6 days a week of teaching bodyweight interval classes and HIIT training. I used to be able to maintain 125 lbs with 21 percent body fat without too much trouble. Then it got to 22, then 23, then after a half ironman this summer I was stuck at nearly 24 and feeling soft all over. I decided to take charge and gain some muscle back!Some people think I am nuts for doing a cut during the holidays. I find it a great incentive to start the new year feeling HOT! Thanks for your posts and your pictures. I have 2 sets of pictures (pre and post bulk) and look forward to adding the post cut pictures as a Christmas present to myself.
ImNotThatBob wrote 116 months ago:
Eat Up! I like the way you think! (and train!)

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