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Picture update: the bulk continues...

So I've been on my new training program now since just after Thanksgiving and it has been going spendidly!!! I have been hitting new PR's with every. single. workout! I may have trained more (more sets/reps/exercises) and with longer sessions in the past but I have never trained with this much intensity before. As some of you are aware, intense training like this is very taxing on both the body and central nervous system. I started "feeling it" late last week so I'm now deloading for several days to fully recouperate. So far I've just done a little cardio. I could go back in the gym and do a "light" workout (50% of my max) but I don't know if I can trust myself to do that. I'm too hard core. I'll get in the weight room and unleash the beast whether I want to or not! LOL However for those of you who have been hitting the iron... please be aware that recovery is just as important as training. Those muscle fibers are torn down in the weight room but built back up during your "rest time." If you aren't recovering properly you will not make progress and reach your goals! 

Oh yeah... I promised pictures. :D

150lbs (I think) and 6+months into official bulk #2




Happy Lifting!!! 

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treatingmybodyright wrote 117 months ago:
Amazing job, Steph! I'm always so impressed with the way you can transform your body!
kmshred wrote 117 months ago:
lookin strong. awesome lovey!
McAlyna wrote 117 months ago:
Amazing result! Great job!
MrsBooker wrote 117 months ago:
Nice Steph! Love that shirt too.
kazmurphblin wrote 117 months ago:
One day I hope I look like you!! xzx
VelociMama wrote 117 months ago:
You look amazing!
HeidiMightyRawr wrote 117 months ago:
Looking great!
sundaywishes wrote 116 months ago:
You look great!! Awesome job on hitting new PR's. And I agree with MrsBooker, love that shirt =)
cyndihenry wrote 116 months ago:
You look amazing!
momto1g1b wrote 116 months ago:
Amazing!!! Enjoy your rest from the weights, and afterwards you'll be hitting them even harder!

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