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Pics-from-the-weight-room... part 2

So last time I introduced one of my besties Dominique... here is another... Renee! I LOVE these girls. They are awesome!!

First up... SQUATS!

Renee: regular free-weight barbell squats

Me: free-weight barbell box squats




Next up... DEAD LIFTS

Me: regular barbell deadlifts

Renee: SLDL (still-legged deadlifts)



Renee does pull-ups/lat pulls. This chick has an amazing back!


Me... showing off my bulking body :P




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HeidiMightyRawr wrote 116 months ago:
Awesome pics!
lulabellewoowoo wrote 116 months ago:
You guys look awesome and strong. Thanks for sharing. Very inspirational!
RochelleBlack wrote 116 months ago:
hahahaha I LOVE seeing two beautiful women lifting heavy weights. I bet you ladies scare all the boys ;-)
Goal_Seeker_1988 wrote 116 months ago:
Very impressive! Def. motivational!
FaithandFitness wrote 116 months ago:
awesome pictures!
coastie_wife07 wrote 116 months ago:
Love these photos! I do just about all these weights too and having the amount of weights ya'll can lift is impressive! Can't wait to lift like ya'll do!
marathon64 wrote 116 months ago:
IntoTheSky wrote 116 months ago:
I wanna be like you when I grow up!
Denjo060 wrote 116 months ago:
You guys look amazing Im ahppy when I lift 70lbs Hahahahah good job
Imanido wrote 116 months ago:
Amazing! I don't see myself with that weight in a million years (even if I was training 7 days a week). I wish I could! ;-)
aprilhelmreich wrote 116 months ago:
Dang girl that back of yours is AMAZING! Love it!
carilync wrote 116 months ago:
ImNotThatBob wrote 116 months ago:
NICE! Keep on having fun!
stephanielynn76 wrote 116 months ago:
Thanks everyone!!!

@carilync - I've been weight training for at least 15 years. However I've only really been pushing the heavier weights and really challenging myself for about 3 years now. Building quality muscle is a long-term process. I am predicting it will take me a good 3 more years to really reach the level of muscular development I would like to attain.
krissagray wrote 116 months ago:
Love these pics! You are my idol!
treatingmybodyright wrote 116 months ago:
I just love these!

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