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Me In Action!! (vids)

Anyone know how to embed these? 

Disclaimer: I do NOT claim to have perfect form. I'm learning just like everyone else and doing the best I can.  

Sumo Deadlifts 199 x 8  --a little shaky but I pulled through ;)

Box Squats 133 x 10

DB Shoulder press with 45's


DB inclined bench with the 50's

Good Mornings

Barbell Bicep curls

Reverse-grip Cable Lat Pulls

Plate-load Row Machine

Stiff-legged Deadlifts 



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treatingmybodyright wrote 114 months ago:
Yay Steph! Love these! Thanks for sharing!
mowree wrote 114 months ago:
Sooo impressive. It was great getting to see how you do these - thanks!
Sharla_G wrote 114 months ago:
Thanks for sharing these. You look awesome!
lilpe5512 wrote 114 months ago:
Great videos! I love the lat pull down. I'll be glad when I shred the fat so that the muscle will show.
The deadlifts are a killer. I'm usually sore for a few days after those. Thanks for sharing!
nicolev112 wrote 114 months ago:
Love this, Thanks for sharing!
Imanido wrote 114 months ago:
Totally impressed! It is absolutely awesome!

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