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Just passing on a little info...

I've gotten several PM's over the last couple of years from people (women in particular) complaining about how they were eating low calorie diets (1200 or less) and doing all kinds of cardio and yet still were not meeting their weight-loss goals. My response to them has been this...

Either you have...

#1 failed to calculate your calories (and therefore deficit) correctly


#2 damaged your metabolism with dieting/cardio  

Reason #1 is self explanitory. Some people are actually eating more than they think they are. If you need to be precise... get a food scale and measure everything!

Reason #2, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult to comprehend. I have, however, found a video that I think does a good job in explaining this phenomenon. If you are having this issue then you need to see it! It's worth the watch!

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gwicks54 wrote 115 months ago:
I tried to watch this and I am sure there is good info but the presentation was too difficult to follow. I gave up after a few minutes. Sorry.
LowcarbNY wrote 115 months ago:
I agree w/ gwicks54. The video host is painfully slow and diffuse. He needs to figure out what he wants to say and then say it without all the side trips.
Since I've never been in danger of eating too little I just couldn't take any more.

I hope it helps someone
maryloo2011 wrote 115 months ago:
I watched this on Sunday, pretty informative.
amanda_gent wrote 115 months ago:
Amazing information and very easy to watch (at least for me, since I really wanted to learn more about this subject!). Thank you Stephanie - I shared it with the Eat More to Weigh Less Group today.

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