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In the weight room (pics)

My coach/friend Dominique ( and I did some candid pics during our training session on Friday. It was back-and-shoulders day. We had a blast!!! Check us out. Yes, she is much stronger... but I am making progress. :) She inspires me and gives me something to work towards. 









Break time :)


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Yanicka1 wrote 116 months ago:
Oh the feel of the pics and you girls are real badasses
stephanielynn76 wrote 116 months ago:
@Yanicka... well she certainly is!!! I'm still in training to achieve that status! :P
bgtorres wrote 116 months ago:
Awesome pics you girls rock!!!...I wish I had a friend that could join me in the gym & that inspired me:)
BrawnAndBrains wrote 116 months ago:
Awesome looking - as always Steph.
sunshine83777 wrote 116 months ago:
Wow You'll look awesome!!
kmshred wrote 116 months ago:
i've been wondering how the heck you've been! <3
tuckerrj wrote 116 months ago:
Absolutely awesome! What, no leotards or 2-1/2 lb. dumbbells? Just joking. Me and my brother train together. It helps to have someone pushing you!
rdennisjr wrote 116 months ago:
Grand work!
victorious27 wrote 116 months ago:
...dang. I'm jealous.
jamimari777 wrote 116 months ago:
Thanks for sharing your photographs. A great look into your workouts. And so artfully executed!
alatoyajones wrote 116 months ago:
You look fantastic and the pics you took are wonderful!!
Christieson wrote 116 months ago:
Great pics, with great looking subjects. well done and thanks for posting.
Cherp18 wrote 116 months ago:
I don't even know who's who! You both look great!
Green_P0nie wrote 116 months ago:
Wow, both of you look amazing! I'll look forward to the day I can just lift myself up for a pull up, let alone with extra weights on me!!
ImNotThatBob wrote 116 months ago:
Leave it to you to start combining things you love (hey when you're as busy as you are you're bound to build in some overlap to get the most out of your limited time).

Love that you chose to express it in Shade of Grey (NO not THAT Shades of Grey).

geebusuk wrote 116 months ago:
More proof that strong can be sexy rather than scary!
Bridget28152723 wrote 116 months ago:
I was like WOW!! you both look like some tough chicks! I am jealous of the gym equipment, I do everything at home. You take the best pics too. Your friend is a machine( attaching weights and doing pullups) Your lucky to have someone like that to workout with!
ladytinkerbell99 wrote 116 months ago:
Your pictures are out of the this world! Thanks for sharing.
MrsBooker wrote 116 months ago:
Cool pics Steph! How many unassisted pullups can you do? And I am definitely impressed with your friend Dom...attaching weights while doing them?? Pretty impressive. You will have to let me know when you plan on coming to Centerville again; I only live about 30 min. away. :)
stephanielynn76 wrote 116 months ago:
@Sherry... my pull-up's vary depending on how much I weigh! When I was cutting and at my thinnest (lightest) I would do 8-10 per set. Right now I am averaging 5-7 per set due to the extra weight gain. Hopefully one day I'll be as strong as Dominique.

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