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I think I've had enough of bulking...

 Drumroll please...


So here is where I stand. I'm up 25lbs in the last 6 months. That is roughly 1lb/week. I have finally reached the point where I am just uncomfortable with my body. I feel thick, heavy, and pretty much chubby at this point and it's starting to get to me. The endgame for me is basically not having anything to wear. Even my "fat clothes" from 2 years ago have reach the point of being somewhat tight (some larger size 6's and some size 8's). This is the mental game we all play in the quest to gain muscle. No one ever said it would be easy or comfortable. It isn't. The only saving grace is that it is winter time and I can cover that crap up! LOL

Well, my plan from this point on is to maintain this weight (not gain anymore) for the next 5 weeks or so. In February we are going to Disney World (YAY!!!) and my cutting diet will start immediately upon my return. This should give me plenty of time to strip off the fat for my competition in July. 

As for my training schedule, I mentioned I was changing it up to something that would be lower in volume but very high in intensity. I did that several weeks ago and I LOVE it. My workouts are shorter and I'm recovering from them quite well. The high-volume program I was on before (PHAT) was causing CNS recovery issues for me. That has pretty much resolved. I'm now sleeping better and less irritable but I still feel like my training is very effective. I am experiencing DOMS quite reguarly and I continue to gain strength! Yay!

 I hope everyone is doing well! Happy lifting!  Let me know if you have any questions!!! 

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gdr1976 wrote 114 months ago:
Think you look great! You are an inspiration, keep it up!
Yanicka1 wrote 114 months ago:
Wow look at those legs!!!! Can't wait to see the difference after your cut. What kind of training do you do now....I am kind DA searching for my next program
stephanielynn76 wrote 114 months ago:
@Yanicka1... girl I cannot WAIT to see what's under there! Dem gainz better be good. The training schedule I'm using is something my coach devised using the concepts of DC (DoggCrapp) training. It's a 4 days/wk push/pull/legs rotating split. It's only 3 exercises per workout... short but hard!
amanda_gent wrote 114 months ago:
You look amazing despite the fact you are feeling chubby. Cannot believe you've packed on 1 lb. per week. That is dedication, woman. It's going to be an incredible "reveal" this spring!
Vini9 wrote 114 months ago:
That is awesome, I am glad the new program is working out for you. I can't wait to see the tranformation. You are really an inspiration.
LaDonnaF wrote 114 months ago:
Way to go!

Joining the crew - in for spring reveal! :-)
Imanido wrote 114 months ago:
OMG!! You look soo GREAT! I wouldn't cover any "thing" myself if I looked like you. Looking forward to your cutting stage. But so far....looking amazing.

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