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Happy New Year!!! (A two-year comparison)

What would a new-year's day be without a couple of comparison shots!!?! :D Today I'm reflecting on the progress I've made over the last 2 years and setting goals for 2013. 

If you follow my blog regularly you know that I'm currently UP 10lbs MORE than when I started with MFP two years ago. Here is the difference...



Wow. I didn't realize the difference myself until I saw these images side-by-side. I'm thrilled with my progress and I'm gearing up for the "cut" that is soon to come. My goal this year... hit the stage again in July looking better than I did last year. If I do that I'll be thrilled. 

If you are just getting started on your journey to "fitness" (whatever your goals may be) I encourage you to stay the course and remember to be patient. Getting where you want to be takes time. Happy New Year and happy lifting everyone!!! 

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BerryH wrote 117 months ago:
You look phenomenal. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!
amanda_gent wrote 117 months ago:
The difference is incredible and a great reminder that it is not always about a number on a scale. Thank you for posting this. Happy New Year to you and your family!
MegDaig wrote 117 months ago:
Great difference! I did something similar a while back but yours is way more impressive. Can't wait to see you stage ready this summer.
bgtorres wrote 117 months ago:
Wow you have done an amazing job!!!
MrsBooker wrote 117 months ago:
That is pretty amazing Steph! I have been on and off the wagon on my fitness journey, and I am hoping to reach my goals this year, especially since we are hoping to start a family soon. Thanks for the motivation. Where is your competition? We are coming home for a visit this summer, and I wanted to see if we would be around when you compete.
LettyM62 wrote 117 months ago:
Wow, all your hard, hard work is paying off. You are a truly inspiring and you look amazing! Thanks for sharing.
LettyM62 wrote 117 months ago:
Sorry, that should be "you are truly inspiring". :)
JasonsWeightliftingWife wrote 117 months ago:
I love reading your blog. These pics are very inspiring for me. It shows me that changes don't take place overnight. I think you looked great 2 years ago, but I love the muscle! Great Job! Keep inspiring:).
Happy New Year!
pmason39 wrote 117 months ago:
I just went through all of your archives. Amazing!! Although I would not want to compete in a fitness competition, your transformation has inspired me enough to at least stay on some type of weight program.
Temple_Fit wrote 117 months ago:
Absolutely inspiring and gives me hope.
Cinbad3178 wrote 117 months ago:
Incredible!!! Thank you for being so inspiring :)
juliebeannn wrote 117 months ago:
you look awesome!!!!! look at that spread!
SweatpantsRebellion wrote 117 months ago:
You are amazing. You look fantastic!
jennieodwyer wrote 117 months ago:
Fantastic work! Can't wait to follow you on your cut!
GypsySoul_74 wrote 117 months ago:
this is just amazing and so encouraging!! thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and keeping us updated--i really enjoy your posts!
extraordinary_machine wrote 114 months ago:
You are such an amazing testament to the power of lifting and why the scale doesn't matter!
aneema31294 wrote 63 months ago:
Hi can you please explain your step mill routine abit more .....interms of the hiit how long do u do that for and what speed and for ur rest intervals u do sideway steps and skip a step at what speed and for how long?

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