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Got my body fat tested today...

I wanted to get a post-bulk number to see where things stand. I started at 122lbs and 12% back in August. Today I was 137lbs and 16.2%. I was shocked it wasn't higher as I expected it to be closer to 20%. I know the calipers test isn't the most accurate but really I just wanted it more for the comparison. I had the same trainer do it with the same device (digital machine) at the same time of day as last time. I sent my husband a text with the results and he said, "You probably gained 5lbs fat, 3-4lbs of muscle, and 6-7lbs of glycogen/water. So... there you have it! If I did manage to gain 4lbs of muscle while only accumulating 5lbs of fat then I would say that this clean bulk was pretty successful and worth it!

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taso42 wrote 128 months ago:
Great numbers! Thanks for being an inspiration!
sarah44254 wrote 128 months ago:
Awesome! :D You are incredible and you are totally gonna look (more) amazing after your cut!
AggieCass09 wrote 128 months ago:
thats really impressive!!!!
ladytinkerbell99 wrote 128 months ago:
That is impressive. You are an inspiration to us all!
atomdraco wrote 128 months ago:
You are doing wonderful
31prvrbs wrote 128 months ago:
That is the definition of a clean bulk!! My goodness! I never come out of a bulk under 20% :(, but I guess I never go into it @11-12% either (I "enjoy" my bulk a little too much, I guess, lol). You are gonna rock that comp! You still starting your cut next week? What will that put you at? 16 weeks out?
treatingmybodyright wrote 128 months ago:
Awesome job!
stephanielynn76 wrote 128 months ago:
@31prvrbs - thanks girlie!!! I actually "enjoyed" my bulk quite a lot over the holidays ;) Yes, I start the cut next week and I'll be more like 19 weeks out... plenty of time for a nice slooooooowwwww loss!
KraseyBeauty wrote 128 months ago:
You are amazing! I'm convinced that I need to try a bulk to build more muscle.

You are definitely an inspiration. :)

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