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For those who are interested...

I have started a journal on to log my training and progress. Here is the link:

I will post my workouts there and when I start cutting I plan to log my nutrition details. :) 

 Btw... here is an example of doing it wrong... :P


^^I love how he does a curtsy between reps...  LOL


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moxette wrote 117 months ago:
hmmm, i don't know. Technically that could be called plyometric training?
stephanielynn76 wrote 117 months ago:
Really? It honestly looks like an injury waiting to happen to me. I can't see how anything that haphazard and without control could be good for the body... lol
Imanido wrote 117 months ago:
hahaha. It is brilliant! I was thinking "poor guy, probably he ended up breaking his back" LOL. By the way, I just left my message on the BB forum (my username is Megan84) I really thought I was leaving it in Facebook and actually it wasn't. I don't know how much time I will have but I expect to fill as much as I can on my journal too. Definitely, following you Stephanie and looking forward to your progress!! :-)
stephanielynn76 wrote 117 months ago:
@Imanido ... I saw it! Thanks for stopping by ;) Is your journal also on
amanda_gent wrote 117 months ago:
Looks like he's training for Cirque de Soleil or something!
ZombieFoodSlayer wrote 117 months ago:
Imanido wrote 117 months ago:
Yes (hopefully) I will start it, I just registered myself for the BB competition of this year (as a way of "really TRYING" to shake myself out of this plateau. I have been in the same place for months (no change) I was just getting frustrated so I decided to do something more...inspirational (??) :-) .

Note, I just read my post (why did I write Facebook?) I meant MFP (what is with Facebook these days??LOL)
CatMou5 wrote 117 months ago:
Have subbed! :)
CatMou5 wrote 117 months ago:
Have subbed! :)

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