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Family Pictures & After-Thanksgiving Bloat!

Well I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. By Friday evening I had eaten too much to wear pants... and when I say that I mean I literally retreated away from my family to another room and hung around pants-less. LOL I don't remember feeling so fat or full in a long time. By Sunday I was having to dig out my old "fat clothes" that I hadn't worn in 2 years just to find something to wear. Oy. I was back in the gym today and didn't DARE step on the scale. I will share the obligatory picture though...


 Yes I'm thick but I still feel ok about my bulk. There ARE some good muscle gains under the fat... there had better be! :D I started my new routine today. I'll give it a few weeks and share how it's going!

 So we took our yearly family pictures (for our Christmas cards) on Sunday and here are a few of them...




^^Yes, much photoshopping occurred here...  :D

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ladytinkerbell99 wrote 115 months ago:
You are gorgeous and so is your family. You have the most beautiful children.
miadhail wrote 115 months ago:
You are such a beautiful woman. Lovely family too :)
stephanielynn76 wrote 115 months ago:
Thank you!!
lexagon wrote 115 months ago:
You have a beautiful family Stephanie!
tgh1914 wrote 115 months ago:
Wow! You guys make cute kids :)
stephanielynn76 wrote 115 months ago:
Thanks y'all!!!

Hey did you notice my daughter and I have matching chin moles :D ... I love that.
miadhail wrote 115 months ago:
regarding the mole, considering the fact that my monitor has lots of smudges, i thought it was one of those marks on my monitor -_- or worst, pixels. lol. awww, that is adorable though! I love moles on the face, it's so classy looking.
Esp3louis wrote 115 months ago:
You and your family are adorable and as for you being thick, your thickness is in all the right places.
msteadham wrote 115 months ago:
My mom and I have matching moles on our faces as well! I think it is so neat!!
mowree wrote 115 months ago:
Wow! Every member is photogenic.

Your photos are sooo enjoyable to look at - thanks for sharing them.
ImNotThatBob wrote 115 months ago:
Your friend may have snapped the photo, but your Photoshop compositing skill.. pure genius!
Lyssa62 wrote 115 months ago:
wow what a beautiful family.
AveryWays wrote 115 months ago:
Thanks for always being an inspiration. You have a wonderful family there :)
Barribomb wrote 115 months ago:
Such a lovely family! Great photos!
120weeks wrote 115 months ago:
These are precious pictures!
nicolemarie1978 wrote 115 months ago:
gorgeous photos! I'm also a photographer.. I am loving your work! Do you have a FB page I can follow?
CatMou5 wrote 114 months ago:
Gorgeous family Stephanie!

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