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Bulking update and bum comparison

Howdy folks! So the scale is still climbing. I'm up to 148lbs!!! And yet even with gaining 23lbs I still have some semblance of visible abs. That's crazy! I am a mutant like that I guess. :P

Obligatory picture (though it's a blurry IPhone shot)

As some of you know, I have a bit of an obsession with having well-defined glutes. "I like big butts and I cannot lie..." LOL Being married to a "butt man" has also influenced my motivation here. Well, I have made my lower body a large priority for the last couple of years and WOW... the progress I've made!! Here is a comparison picture. Note that the picture on the left was almost 2 years ago and I weighed about 140lbs. The picture on the right was a couple of weeks ago and I weighed 145lbs. Imagine that... I weigh MORE but I look better. Muscle mass folks. :)


While I'm doing this blog post, I'll add in a public service announcement. Last week I learned how important it is to STAY FOCUSED when in the gym. I was warming up with a couple of 5lb-plates, got distracted, then ended up smashing my ring finger on my right hand. It hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes. I iced it for a bit but, of course, the show must go on so I went ahead and finished my training for the day. By the next day my finger was doubled in size with swelling, pain, tenderness, and throbbing. I decided that night to go ahead and drain it. After boring two holes through the nail with searing hot metal, drainage oozed out providing some relief. It feels much better but is still somewhat tender to touch. Here is what it looks like today:


Last but not least... a shout out to my baby girl. Today is her birthday and she is 6 years old!



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treatingmybodyright wrote 115 months ago:
I love the before and after comparisons. You have really helped me focus on gaining muscle rather than focusing on weight. I've been lifting for about 15 weeks, and my bum is looking much better. I still have a ways to go, but seeing the progress in pictures is always a great source of motivation. Keep it up, Steph!
ltl_leah wrote 115 months ago:
You are so awesome, I can't even put it into words! I love your outlook about the number on the scale. At any weight, you look hot! Your daughter is absolutely precious.
Bridget28152723 wrote 115 months ago:
you look stunning! your finger looks so painful, ouch! My little girl just turned 7 , your daughter is just so beautiful...sweet and innocent looking! how many calories do you eat for cut usually?
stephanielynn76 wrote 115 months ago:
@Bridget... I usually start at about 1800 and then decrease once I plateau. I didn't go below 1600 on my last cut. I'd rather increase cardio than decrease calories more than that.
stephanielynn76 wrote 115 months ago:
Thanks for the sweet comments! Luv y'all! xoxox
tgh1914 wrote 115 months ago:
Ha! I had to do the exact same thing with my big toe a few weeks ago! I used a drill. You're a warrior! My whole nail is gone now tho :/ awesome pics and congrats Steph!
jamimari777 wrote 115 months ago:
Thank you for continuing to share updates. It helps to see your progress. Also - your finger is nuts! I'm so sorry you hurt yourself.
ImprovingEla wrote 115 months ago:
What a cute little flower girl you have!
Happy Birthday!

And your abs look amazing!
CassandraMarie3 wrote 115 months ago:
incredible! Thanks for sharing this! I just started lifting not that long ago so I likely will not try to bulk until next winter (training for a half marathon in March and getting married in August), but it's nice to see more proof that the scale doesn't really mean ANYTHING. Also, my fiancé is a butt man, so I loved seeing the bum comparison!
Helloitsdan wrote 115 months ago:
Very very sexy! Gratz!
jemjemsh wrote 115 months ago:
Awesome! I love big butts too! This gives me hope that I can lift and reshape mine, thanks :)
Jessicarctica wrote 115 months ago:
Nice bum! :) lol I want a bum like that. What sorts of exercises do you do?
ImNotThatBob wrote 115 months ago:
And here I thought I was gonna see pictures of that bum the officer bought boots for!

Looking grand as always Stephanie!
ImNotThatBob wrote 115 months ago:
Kisses for the finger. Ouch! that looks painful!
scapez wrote 115 months ago:
You look amazing and your little girl is absolutely adorable!

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