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Bulking update.... :)

So I'm now into week 21 of my bulk. I'm up about 14lbs and getting curvier by the day. I now weight 136lbs. Remember I started this journey almost a year ago at 140lbs and looked like the picture on the left...

Below is a shot of today... not the best shot and you can't really see my lower body but you get the idea. I'm only 4lbs away from my "chubby weight" yet I still have visible definition in my arms. There is definately a change in body composition there so mission accomplished! 
Gosh I just noticed how much bigger my arms look in the above picture than the "skinny" one in the blue swimsuit! Woot woot...
Here is another comparion from about 6 weeks ago after only 15 weeks of surplus. As you can see I'm carrying a bit more body fat, especially in the thighs... and my tummy isn't as defined. 
So I've decided I'm going to continue my surplus for another 4 weeks or so. My cut will officially start on February 1st. I predict by that time I will be up about 15-16lbs. When I lean out again I'm thinking my goal weight will be around 125lbs however it's hard to tell... it will depend on how I look. I don't want to lose any of this hard-earned muscle so I'll be taking it slow. In the end I should only have to lose about 10-13lbs. Considering I lost 20lbs in just about 4 months last year... this should be a piece of cake! ;) 

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sarah44254 wrote 129 months ago:
I have been thinking about you! So great to see an update. You still look amazing even after bulking up :D You are fab through and through. Can't wait to see what you can do with yourself with this cut coming up. You are SUCH an inspiration!!
kmshred wrote 129 months ago:
teach meeee :) just kidding. so far to go for me yet. you look awesome my love. proud lil fitness pal you got here. XO
marina_j wrote 129 months ago:
you look so amazing. your body, as it is now, is just about perfection in my book.

way to go steph. what you are doing now (all the exercise) may seem to some that it is taking away time for the kids, but it is giving them so much more. being a women, and the mother of a daughter, i know how so very important it is to teach our daughter to love themselves, to love their bodies and have great self esteem. for your kids, especially your daughter, to grow up with a mom who loves herself enough to take care of her body, a mom who when she looks in the mirror is happy with what she sees, is such a gift. way to go steph!
lovinglife71 wrote 129 months ago:
I have been waiting on this update!!! Just to see how much you have progressed. You look Amazing. What a inspiration, you have the will power and the no how to do what ever you want with your body. If you could put that in a bottle and sell it you would be rich!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!! :))
lily1972 wrote 129 months ago:
Thank you so much for sharing your progress! It helps me to visualise where I'm headed with my trainer/nutritionist's plan - I'm even more motivated and psyched!! You look fantastic!! :-D
ImNotThatBob wrote 129 months ago:
Ever the trail blazer! Happy New Year! You're looking great.
Fight2bFiT wrote 129 months ago:
thank you for sharing! you are such an inspiration!!question, when you first started and lost 20 pounds to bulk did you quickly loose it? you look amazing for it only being a year! i wanna be there in a year! tell me what i gotta do!!!
Bronx_Montgomery wrote 129 months ago:
Wow! You look amazing and Strong! Great job
superflyrbi wrote 129 months ago:
Fantastic! You look amazing (in a noncreeper way) Congrats to you for all your hard work!
warriorsal wrote 129 months ago:
Look at those muscles!!!!!! You are doing amazing! Such an inspiration to work hard and eat properly!
lennie13 wrote 129 months ago:
I thought you looked great at 140lb....I don't really understand about this 'bulking up' and 'surplus'
I'm using this site as I've never dieted before and it's a nice easy way to see what I'm eating and hopefully lose the excess pounds gained from stopping smoking.
I'm a bit worried that I've stumbled into some weird group where yo yo dieting and obsession with becoming like a bag of bones is considered normal. Not that I would knock your success but simply that I don't understand the purpose. Maybe if you could explain a little?
stephanielynn76 wrote 129 months ago:
Thanks everyone for your comments!!! I appreciate you cheering me on in my transformation! I will take official after-bulk pictures in about 4 weeks and post them up for the comparison. For those of you who are considering a bulk in your future... I hope to convince you that it's worth it!

Fight2bfit... how did I lose the weight so quickly... eating at a deficit and doing a lot of cardio. The next time I lean out I will rely less on cardio and more on my diet and I'll do it slower. A faster loss will likely mean losing more muscle... slow is better!
stephanielynn76 wrote 129 months ago:
@lennie13... if you thought I looked great at 140lbs... you and I have very different goals. "Bulking up" and leaning out is not about yo-yo dieting it's about building up muscle mass. More muscle means having a better overall shape AND being able to eat more food while maintaining your weight. I started out with a much higher body fat to lean muscle ratio at 140lbs. I wanted to change those ratios to where I had a lot more muscle and a lot less body fat. To make substantial muscle gains you have to eat at a surplus... MORE calories than your body needs. Why??? Because you can't train hard lifting weights and expect the body to build up lean mass if you are not feeding it enough nutrition to do so. However before I "bulked up" with muscle I shed off a lot of body fat first. Had I started bulking at 140lbs I'd weigh about 155 right now and would have a lot farther to go to reach my goals. If you still have questions read this article.

I didn't make this stuff up... bodybuilders have been doing it for decades...
Paigealicious77 wrote 129 months ago:
You absolutely blow my mind Stephanie!!You look incredible!! I cannot wait for 4 weeks to be up and see new pics. I think you are amazing and so inspiring.
Paigealicious77 wrote 129 months ago:
You absolutely blow my mind Stephanie!!You look incredible!! I cannot wait for 4 weeks to be up and see new pics. I think you are amazing and so inspiring.
31prvrbs wrote 129 months ago:
Man... your bulk has been SO clean! You are rockin' it, woman. Your cut is gonna be so smooth. I'm only 2 months in, and I'm already looking mighty soft/plump, lol. But my clothes still fit (for now) so...on I press... Thanks for keeping us updated...
meredithn04 wrote 128 months ago:
girl you look amazing!! i, like you, have always worked out but never had the body i wanted for how much work i put into working out. i am now in a slump and dont know how to get out of it and where to begin to get back to working out and eating right! how did you start? low calories and lots of cardio?? lead me!! lol congrats on your progress.

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