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Another pic at 150lbs...

Showing abs/back...

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silvergurl518 wrote 117 months ago:
would LOVE to look like that at 150! your muscles are amaaaaaaaaaaazing.
stephanielynn76 wrote 117 months ago:
Thanks so much silvergurl! :)
Yanicka1 wrote 117 months ago:
Amazing back. ( I am not stalking you I swear)
tgh1914 wrote 117 months ago:
Baby got back! Amazing bulk Steph! You're gonna rock that competition :)
stephanielynn76 wrote 117 months ago:
LOL @ Yanichka! You are funny girl.

Thanks tharrop... that's the plan! I can't wait to see what that muscle looks like under there!
LesaDave wrote 117 months ago:
Beautiful bod!! WOW!! Say, when I get to 150 pounds, can we trade bodies...then you can tone THIS body up. And when you are through, we can trade back!! HAHAHA! Sorry, i couldn't resist. But if I were to pick what I wanted my bod to look like when I complete this journey, these pics would be what I picked!!

Congrats to you!!! WOO-HOO!
DebraYvonne wrote 117 months ago:
beautiful! what a great job
jennylockey1 wrote 117 months ago:
WOW, I'm close to 150lbs but unfortunatley, mine's all fat :(
Well done on that build, you look amazing. Inspiration for when I'm feeling lazy :)
leantool wrote 117 months ago:
amazing sculpture there ! you did it perfect.
Heather1899 wrote 117 months ago:
Great job!!!
vhuber wrote 117 months ago:
I weigh about that (154) and I sure do not look as great as you but I am working on it!!!! I too LOVE muscles on women!!! Best wishes in your competitions!!
Kurls4Daze wrote 117 months ago:

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