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Yikes! The bulk is on!!!

So I got on the scale yesterday and oy.... 137.5!!! Holy crap! I ENDED my last bulk at 137lbs after 6 months of gaining. I've still got the rest of October through January to gain so I may end up 145-150lbs! It's all good though... because at 137lbs today I look better... leaner and more muscular than I did last time at this weight. It is progress! If you want to build muscle you can't be afraid to gain. It's part of the process. Getting "soft" (putting on some body fat) is also par for the course. You've got to mentally get passed that to make progress.

Here is a shot of me from this weekend... jeans shopping. 

Here is my end-bulk shot from the end of January ... same weight. 
So... if you have decided to take on a bulk, what will your friends and family say??? Unless they participate in this lifestyle themselves, they are likely to tell you you're crazy. Society has such a thin-is-in mindset that the average person cannot even comprehend the concept of gaining weight... even if that weight is muscle! It's all about burning calories, restricting your diet, and being as thin as possible. People that aren't a part of this lifestyle don't understand the value of lean muscle and the time, effort, and nutrition that is required to build it. They see "toned" women and think they got that way from running on the treadmill. The fitness industry has further propagated this myth by using fitness models (who obviously lift) to promote all manner of programs and exercise equipment thereby selling people this fantasy that they will actually look like that without eating up and pushing some real weight. You can't change that mindset. All you can do is pursue your own goals, work hard, build the muscle, and prove to the naysayers that you knew what you were doing all along. Once they see your results they will come along asking for advice... trust me!
So... if you were on the fence about bulking... JUST DO IT! I'm getting fluffy myself so you are in good company. Bring on the stretchy yoga pants!!!

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silvergurl518 wrote 68 months ago:
if you call yourself fluffy, then i'm the biggest marshmallow in town. you look amazing, woman. don't you forget it!
taso42 wrote 68 months ago:
those jeans look awesome on you
Imanido wrote 68 months ago:
Oh, My God! Amazing arms, what a toned shoulders! You look great! and soo FIT.
31prvrbs wrote 68 months ago:
lookin great, girl. I'm ahead of ya w/the jeans shopping but behind in actually starting! LOL 2 more weeks for me (but I got all giddy and purchased my jeans a couple months ago, lol). Can't wait to follow ;)
tgh1914 wrote 68 months ago:
Holy Cow, you look amazing! I'm going thru the mental struggle right now of allowing some soft-ness to return. You're quite the inspiration Steph!
Yanicka1 wrote 68 months ago:
Started my bulk Oct 1st. So scared but I have faith in the process.
Bridget28152723 wrote 68 months ago:
You think like me!I also started to bulk the end of Sept. 2012 and , Im already at a kinda high body fat % but , thats ok! I trust the process , like Yanicka said...and know I will get there but its gonna take eating plenty of good foods and lifting heavy!
warriorsal wrote 68 months ago:
Looking incredible! Great job!
geonbaeLeilee wrote 68 months ago:
You look great!

Your jeans are SUPER CUTE, too! Where'd you get those?
rossanaguerrero wrote 68 months ago:
Hi! I just started bulking 2 months ago and have so far put on 12 lbs, but am getting concerned about fat gain :( I used to have a 6 pack at 96 lbs, so i kinda have a 4 pack at 108lbs. If you don't mind me asking, How tall are you & How many Cals are you eating? I'm eating about 2,200 to 2,500. You look great! Keep up the good work, hope to hear from you :)
ImNotThatBob wrote 68 months ago:
You look FANTABULOUS as always Stephanielynn! I appreciate the way you document the process since way back in the beginning.
TinaBaily wrote 68 months ago:
You look gorgeous and very healthy. I am in awe of your beautiful upper body and abs. Who cares what others think, as long as you are taking good care of yourself, and from what you write here, you are definitely doing that. You totally rock that bikini!!!
momto1g1b wrote 68 months ago:
Your shoulders look amazing!

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