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Omgosh my bum!!! (pics)

Since my husband was having me to snap some pictures of him (since he has lost 20lbs himself) I figured while he had the point-n-shoot out to have him snap a few of me. OH. MY. WOW!!! This is crazy. It's taking a lot of courage for me to even post these. My bum in that before picture is quite embarrassing... especially for how much I have always worked out. This is 22lbs difference.

While I'm at it I'll put up one of his back too... definitely a difference! He went from 186lbs to 166lbs.


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stephanielynn76 wrote 87 months ago:
Before anyone else says so I'll go on record saying yes... I know I'm looking a bit on the scrawny side and yes I know I need to stop losing...
jennyb31 wrote 87 months ago:
Steph that is awesome!! I carry weight in my bottom half too and its soooo hard to lean out the ottom while not getting to thin on the top but you look really balanced!! I think you have done an awesome job! Don't listen to negative comments, do what makes you happy!
JennLifts wrote 87 months ago:
I think it's cool that he is into fitness and such too! I always see it one sided!
stephanielynn76 wrote 87 months ago:
Thanks Jenny!!! That makes me feel better. I hear it every. single. day..... "You are TOO THIN Stephanie..." I'm sick of it honestly. I think I look more "fit" than "thin" personally...
stephanielynn76 wrote 87 months ago:
@jennw10 ... yes we've both always been gym rats... we MET at the gym! LOL It's been our lifestyles since before we even became a couple. It does really help to have that in common too because we understand each other's need to work out and eat properly :)
dawne112 wrote 87 months ago:
You definitely look "fit" but you have a pretty small frame to begin with so of course you're going look "thin" to people that don't have a clue, ya know? Ignore the negativity!

Keep up the awesome work!
lashleyrivera wrote 87 months ago:
Girl u are awesome! Holy crap I look at the before pic and I see that my thigh and hips look like that too, then I look at the after and I'm like damn! I gotta look like that!! Great job!
ashahl wrote 87 months ago:
I think you look great! Not too thin at all but fit and toned. Any lower though and I might have to change my my opinion :P
But I can tell you know what's good for your health and body, so I doubt there will ever be a time where I'll ever think you look anything less than fabulous!
ashahl wrote 87 months ago:
P.S: Buns of steel!!!!! :D
stephanielynn76 wrote 87 months ago:
My kids just appeared behind my shoulder while I was looking at this posting and my 4y/o says... "Mommy you look fat right there" (pointing to the before picture of course). Then my son chimes in "WOW mommy... you WERE fat... now you're skinny... you should have been on the Biggest Loser..." LOL... leave it to kids to be honest huh...
cokpara wrote 87 months ago:
i agree with jenn! you look awesome stephanie! i'm a big fan of the lean, fit type of look and... tell those ppl to shhhh their mouths lol. you look great! you should be so proud of yourself.
Flocker1979 wrote 87 months ago:
claire_b79 wrote 87 months ago:
Look at your skinny legs!!! So awesome! Your butt looks HOT! I hope I can get my legs to look like yours.
awyler wrote 87 months ago:
you look thin but FIT! amazing job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the lean look and i hope i can transform my body like you did to yours.
gnutrifitness wrote 87 months ago:
YOu look amazing girl!!! and you're eating properly, you're fueling your body, so don't listen to those comments, just make sure you don't lose more weight, increase the cals a little and that's all!!
stephanielynn76 wrote 87 months ago:
Thanks so much yall for all the sweet comments and the validation of my current size! I get so tired of people telling me I'm too thin. I think it's a shock for them because they know me and just aren't used to it yet. I have not let anyone derail me from my goals and I'm glad I've stuck with it! Yall are AWESOME!!! Keep at it. I hope to see you all reach your goals and post your own progress pictures!!!
bwyne03 wrote 87 months ago:
You look amazing and people who are being negative are just jealous! Keep up the great work and thanks for being an inspiration to us all!!
mollymoo89 wrote 87 months ago:
Ya'll make one HOT couple!
MrsBooker wrote 87 months ago:
Wow! Huge difference! I cannot wait until I lose some of my butt! LOL. Kayne looks great too! It is a huge help having a spouse that supports you. Mark is into working out more than I am, so it is a BIG help!
GoLeanWendy wrote 87 months ago:
The thing that you pics (which are fantastic btw) illustrate so well is that some people just insist they have a larger frame when that is not the case. I look at your 1st pic and see somehow who does not look like they have a small frame but certainly does not look fat either. Once you start losing and toning EVERYTHING changes and that is so obviously what happened for you. Did you feel you had a "small frame" at your old weight too?
callipygianchronicle wrote 87 months ago:
I do not think you look scrawny at all. You look thin, fit, and muscular. You look like an athlete: a person who trains hard and eats well. Have you had your body fat measured since you burned the fat and unveiled all that toned muscle?
stephanielynn76 wrote 87 months ago:
@callipygianchronicle... well I've used both the machine you hold with your hands and I had the calipers test done several weeks ago. I know both are grossly inaccurate but even with that being the case I've seen a noticeable downward trend in results. I was as high as 20% several weeks ago and as low as 14.5% (given that margin of error) here recently. I'm planning on having a trainer at the gym test it next week!
skinnyhopes wrote 87 months ago:
Oh my gosh. You look amazing. I need to do what you're doing.
Fattack wrote 87 months ago:
You look so different, and fantastic may I add !!! I would have guessed you'd lost a LOT more! WTG!
sturgill wrote 87 months ago:
true you probably don't need any more weight loss but I think you look great very slim and muscular- gteat job
babygurl1 wrote 87 months ago:
Can I ask what your routine consist of? I am at my goal weight of 100lbs and I am wanting to start toning everything up now...I would love to look as fit as you do!! look awesome. Everyone tells me Iv'e lost to much weight also. I hate that!!
Atlantique wrote 87 months ago:
Wow! You look GREAT!! Congratulations!
missy1970eb wrote 87 months ago:
well done both of u, u both look great
CheerCoachAmy wrote 87 months ago:
I'm also curious what you are doing to get those results. I am built in a similar way to what you were before and I think you look fantastic! Don't let anyone criticize you for your appearance - it's not cool when people are overweight and it drives me crazy that people think it's acceptable to say something if they think someone's "too small". You go girl! :o)
Amber_Kunkel wrote 87 months ago:
You both look amazing! Keep up the good work!
angryw wrote 87 months ago:
great inspiration
squeaktones wrote 87 months ago:
be the best you that you can be. it's between you and your doctor about your size. if you weren't at a healthy weight i am sure your doctor would let you know. your tush didn't look bad in the before shot. the granny panties don't flatter anyone. don't be so hard on yourself then or now. your after shot is quite a shock. i would have thought it was more than 20 pounds. wow.
sweetsarahj wrote 87 months ago:
WOW amazing transformation! You look fantastic, not skinny, you look toned and muscular! Seeing your pics is a great inspiration for me :) I'm adding you as a friend now :)

Just like everyone else here, I would love to know more about your regimin, such as, how many times per week you exercise, and how long it took you to get these results. You go girl!
sandram82 wrote 87 months ago:
WOW!!! you both look amazing! Great job!
skylar1907 wrote 87 months ago:
Stephanie -= you look great RIGHT where you are! toned and tight & awesome! I hope to get to your level of fitness someday!!!
Juliebean_1027 wrote 87 months ago:
I'm with everyone else. I don't think you look scrawny at all. You look toned and healthy. Trust me, there's a huge difference! Great work on your accomplishment. Way to go, to both you and your hubby.
sweetsarahj wrote 87 months ago:
Hey there- ignore my questions above, I read your older blog posts and they answered my questions :) Congrats again on all your hard work :)
lovemyhellokitty wrote 87 months ago:
You look amazing!!!
HappyathomeMN wrote 87 months ago:
You loke AMAZING!!!! Fit, toned and ONE HOT WOMAN!!! oh yeah, he's great too!! :) You have earned your gorgeous muscles, don't let anyone take that from you!
spr_chkn wrote 87 months ago:
You look incredible. Not scrawny. lol all these jealous fat hags make me laugh! Keep it up, you are something THEY can not be: inspiring :)
juliemouse83 wrote 87 months ago:
Ok, that does it. I am going to HAVE to suck it up and get my hubs to take a picture of me front and back NOW, so I can have something to compare it to. I am usually behind the camera and squirm in front of it, but this has totally inspired me! Absolute WAY TO GO!

Too scrawny? No, huh-uh, you look amazing, and your muscle tone is incredible. :) Keep up the great work!
BerryH wrote 87 months ago:
Your butt kicks butt!
ajbeans wrote 87 months ago:
You know what? You do look thin, but not in an unhealthy way. You look very fit. Don't worry if people tell you that you're too thin. You don't look sickly, you look great! Great work!
amyfour wrote 87 months ago:
Wow you look awesome, I was happy I have lost 10 of the lbs I was trying for and hoping for 10 more lbs but after seeing you I am hoping for 20 more! Can I ask your age? I was thinking I was too old to lose it and I have had 4 kids but wow! Great job you look Awesome!
samcee wrote 87 months ago:
Wow... just wow!
Djbass728 wrote 87 months ago:
All I could think when I saw the before/after pictures of you was "WOW!" You both look very healthy!!! Amazing change you made. Your courage to post those pics will help a lot of people - your transformation is VERY inspiring!!!!!
sculley wrote 87 months ago:
Yall look so amazing and I would so appreciate some tips because I am little bit bigger than your before pic just having a kid and all....Sexy mama! CONGRADS!
fraises wrote 87 months ago:
wow! amazing change!
she_elf wrote 87 months ago:
You look amazing!! That's exactly what I'm aiming to do with my butt! xD

divajj107 wrote 87 months ago:
Wow! This is such inspriation! I think you look amazingly fit and athletic! As someone new here, finding posts like this give me incentive... THANK you for that!
BigMamaDiva wrote 87 months ago:
HaleyAlli wrote 87 months ago:
You both look incredible!! Hoping I can get there too someday!! :) Keep in shape and don't ever undo what you've done! Your hard work has paid off!
Genie30 wrote 87 months ago:
You look phenomenal to me and I hope one day I look as good as you!
bluiz13 wrote 87 months ago:
holy shit look at your bummmmmmm.....awesome....
jayceeRGS wrote 87 months ago:
AMazing job Steph! I know its too overwhelming getting all this comments in here, but let me add up to these people who appreciates your very admirable transformation. I would love to get "fit" & "Toned" just like you. Way to go girl! Keep up the good work!
NoExcuseTina wrote 87 months ago:
your bum...and your BACK...WOW...amazing
KayakAngel wrote 87 months ago:
Love your pictures - inspirational!!! Thanks for being brave and sharing. You look amazing!
MissAnjy wrote 87 months ago:
Maybe it's just me but I would never look at someone with your body and say "wow she's thin". Thin doesn't even apply to the state your body is in. YOU ARE FIT! Nobody looks at Jillian Michaels and says 'wow she's so skinny' they think 'wow she's ripped/fit' and that's exactly what I think when I look at your body! I think you look great!!!!
Lula16 wrote 87 months ago:
you look fabulous!!! can you tell us how you did it?? running or gym??
polar135 wrote 87 months ago:
Congrads! Great job.
Beebs33 wrote 87 months ago:
You both look amazing!!!!
AggieCass09 wrote 87 months ago:
i want an ass like yours...look at the legs too!!! you look fabulous!!! Keep up the great work (what are you doing by the way????) and congrats on posting the dreaded rear-end pics!!!
tribekitten wrote 87 months ago:
I nned your workout plan! You look awesome mama!!!!
Shannmarrs wrote 87 months ago:
That is both look fantastic! Such motiviation =)
chovest81 wrote 87 months ago:
You look amazing!
Mairgheal wrote 87 months ago:
I'd kill for your "before" bum, can't believe you're embarrassed by putting that up. You look great - in both photos
tmcoyle wrote 87 months ago:
Wow, I would like to know what your workout routine is. Whatever you are doing is working!!! You look great.
moremari wrote 87 months ago:
Wow, your body has transformed into a fitness guru! I'm so happy for you. You are an inspiration!
stephanielynn76 wrote 87 months ago:
Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments!!! Yall are the BEST!!! You've made my day!!!! :)
MoonShadow_1au wrote 87 months ago:
Better than Pipa Middleton's :)
kobzal wrote 84 months ago:
You look great! I clicked over to your blog because we are pretty similar. I am also 5'6.5", 146 lbs (down from 162), almost 32 years old and I have a 3.5 year old. I swear your before picture is exactly how I look right now, pear shape and all! I'm a runner, but I recently started weight training and your after picture is my inspiration as to what is possible.

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